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Before I begin shooting during my Engagement sessions, I like to talk with my couple to break the ice and to see where they are in their wedding planning journey. I always ask, “How are you feeling with the planning process?” The responses always vary, but despite how organized or laid back a person may be, they always say….”I’m somewhat stressing.” When I hear this I always take a moment to talk with the couple and remind them that it shouldn’t be stressful.They need to enjoy every phase of the wedding process; including planning.

So here’s a little affirmation for you:

  1. You don’t have to obsess over every little detail in your wedding for it to turn out picture-perfect.Remember, it’s about you and your special somebody. Yes, you want family and friends to be there, but whatever you guys decide to do they will LOVE IT!

  2. Photos and video show everything! That includes a stressed face. We want you to look your best and in doing so you need to be enjoying yourself and living in the moment. That’s what makes your wedding photos beautiful and timeless.

  3. You’ve hired the photographer that you’ve gotten to know, so no worries. Let them do what they do best, and trust their direction.

Getting married. Let’s connect and talk about your special day. I help my clients alleviate stress by reminding them that each moment is worth capturing, but this starts with the wedding planning.

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