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Are you feeling drained with the pressures of Social Media? Post this. Hashtag that. Say this. Look like that. Here's the thing, WE ALL RENT space on social media. None of us own it therefore if any of these platforms decided to shutdown tomorrow - what do you have?

Don't get me wrong now, learning how to most effectively use a platform is a great thing and I'm all for that. In fact Tyler McCall & Jenna Leigh Kutcher have some great content for this, but please stop beating yourself up about Vanity Metrics. Vanity Metrics = Numbers. Heidi Thompson has a great podcast on that and Natalie Franke recently shared a blog about Engagement. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm sharing this. Here's why. I was randomly on Instagram and two people that I follow had a significant change in their following. The first lost about 3k (yes - three thousand followers) leading me to believe that perhaps they were paying for followers or had a lot of Spam accounts. The other had a significant increase of about 1k followers. When I looked I noticed that they did some work with a popular social media influencer and that's where their increase came from, but this doesn't mean that they are going to have that significant jump any time soon as it was like NOS in a car. If you've ever seen Fast & Furious, you've noticed that they always trigger it right before hitting the finish line so they get that boost in speed. Yes, they do win, but it was a quick win and something they tend to do every time.

Stop looking at other accounts and how many followers they have and then looking at yours and saying "I SUCK"! No, you don't suck. You're building and numbers are just that. Focus on engagement. Focus on making your business the best it can be and providing a great client experience. Those things will also get people to follow your social media platforms because they want to be a part of the journey. They'll want to brag about you - NOW GO BE GREAT!!

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