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Have you seen the latest feature on Facebook. That's right! You can now have a video as your Facebook Cover. This is an amazing feature because motions is electrifying and it allows people to see your brand or service in action. As a cinematographer I love this new feature because I can showcase my art in motion. Although having footage and video-editing software is required, it's easier than you think to upload a Facebook Video Cover and instantly connect with your clients. My Brides love it and it also invites them into the Unashamed Imaging Experience.

LET'S GET STARTED: Facebook Video covers have been rolling out across Facebook business pages. It's a great way to display your brand in motion. If you haven't seen the update, you may not have access to it as of yet, but don't give up hope. Watch this video and you'll know how to do it once you have access.

Quick Tips:

1. Include your brands logo

2. Minimum video duration: 20 seconds

3. Maximum video duration: 90 seconds

4. Set the video size as instructed in this video

5. Save the video to your desktop so its easy to find

6. Video will loop a few times on it's own

7. You must be the Page Owner to make this change Learn more about Video-Marketing, you can visit my website for more information on " Video-Marketing: Don't Get Left Behind."

Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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