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The Bride Series: Module #2- "PLANNING & FINESE"

The Bride Series is a platform dedicated to helping couples in planning by providing them with valuable tips and practical advice with aspect of wedding planning. The series features speakers ranging from photographers, videographers, make-up artist, hairstylist,bridal boutique owners and more.


With 3 Modules full of great content you'll get full access to all of the Speakers when you register for The Bride Series. The Bride Series aims to enhance the wedding-day and wedding planning experience by providing couple's with what they need to know to make it better.

We want you to enjoy yourself as you take in the information and education from the Speakers of The Bride Series.So what does this mean...since you're JOINING US from your smartphone or the comfort of your home computer (or maybe an iPad), you don't have to worry about what to wear (pajamas are approved), showing up late because of traffic on the road (your couch or office space is the perfect place to 'drive' this event), and you can also eat whatever you'd like (because snacks are approved)!


MODULE No. 2: Planning & Finesse

Hosted by Anesha Collins | Unashamed Imaging



I.Sarah Leung | Flower Girl Designs (Master Florist)

LIVETalk: How To Choose the Right Bouquet

II.Joanna Araya | In2YourBeauty

LIVETalk: Airbrushing for Bridal Makeup, Pros to Fake Lashes, & more.

III.Latoya Allen | Allen Event Planners (Wedding Planning & Officiants)

LIVETalk: How To Choose Your Wedding Planner, The Pros of Having a Wedding Planner, Staying Organized, & more.


Anesha Colins (Photographer & Cinematographer)

Joanna Araya (Makeup Artist)

Latoya Allen (Wedding Planning)


Unashamed Imaging Photography & Cinematography

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Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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