14 Fun & Cozy Ways To Spend Time Together For Couples

14 Fun & Cozy Ways To Spend Time Together For Couples

1. Laying on the couch drinking wine and watching movies. 2. Getting dressed up & going on a date. 3. Spending quality time together which is pretty much anything. As long as we are having fun and doing it together. 4. Take walks together. 5. Go out to eat together; who doesn't like food. 6. Binge watch Netflix! It's the best!

7. We love to watch sports events together especially basketball and WWE. 8. We just love to bowl! It's our favorite thing to do! 9. We love to go out to eat at new places. 10. Cuddling! 11. We learn new songs and sing them together. 12. Write. We are both writers and we bounce ideas off each other and contribute to each other's work. 13. Take some time to do something that is not relaxed to wedding planning. 14. Flirt with each other. Never stop dating!

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