FREE Marketing Series: Day Two // Utilize Social Media

FREE Marketing Series: Day Two // Utilize Social Media Orlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Videographer | Unashamed Imaging Photography & Cinematography

When photographers and cinematographers get into business they don't really place marketing as an essential part. Why - because it's more than likely that they got into business for creativity and freedom. What most people don't realize is that no matter what type of business you run marketing is needed. If you're a supermarket, maybe you sell dog food, maybe you do hair...whatever the case may be - you need to market because that's how people find out what you do and how you can serve them. I started this FREE Marketing Series to encourage photographers and cinematographers to help them get motivated and to provide some direction. I learned some of these things through trial and error, by taking webinars, and by also connecting with business owners and leaders outside of my niche. Yup, that's right. I learn a lot about business from people who aren't in the photography or cinematography business.

Marketing your small business with no target audience is just a waste of time! Yes, I said it. When I market I know what my clients want, so that's what I put out. I don't just attract who I attract because my photography and cinematography is beautiful. I attract who I attract for the overall client experience that I offer, and yes, that even includes how I market. The next piece of free marketing that I have for you is Social Media. Utilize Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even SnapChat are great platforms to market your business. Now, before we continue, I DON'T use Snapchat so as you continue reading know that I am not able to share the benefits of marketing from that platform. With information at your fingertips, social media is where your clients are more than likely at. This is a great place for you to market your business and how you can wholeheartedly serve them. Here are some things that you can do on each platform to help market your business. 1. Instagram Share valuable content and imagery related to your service. Videos are great to showcase on this platform as well.

2. Facebook Use FB Live to connect with your target audience. Provide original content. Share your videos and imagery. Talk about your service and brand.

3. Twitter Use FB Live to connect with your target audience. Provide original content. Share your videos and imagery. Talk about your service and brand. 4. Pinterest

Believe it or not your client is here as well. If you're a wedding photographer or cinematographer, Brides are always on this platform looking for inspiration. This is where you should be connecting with them so they can find you. Get on it!

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Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
 She’s also available for international travel and 

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