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3 Things Every Bride Will Forget To Do On Their Wedding Day

3 Things Every Bride Will Forget To Do On Their Wedding Day

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3 Things Every Bride Will Forget To Do On Their Wedding Day

Let's face it, the wedding day goes by so fast and while you're excited and everyone around you is telling you how beautiful you look (because you do),you will forget some important things! You'll also forget to be in the moment. To simply relax....but no worries! I'm here to help you.

I. Create a Getting Ready Playlist A getting ready playlist helps to set the mood in the Bridal suite. Although some quiet is warranted it makes the process of getting ready very boring. Take a day to pick some songs that you would love to hear as you're getting ready on your special day. You can also ask your bridesmaids to send you the names of (3) songs that they really like. Put those songs mixed with some of your favorites on a playlist, and let that play in the bridal suite. II. Keep All Accessories Together Keeping all of your accessories together helps you stay organized and it also reduces stress. You're not running around trying to figure out where this and that is. I tell my Brides to designate one spot to keep everything together and then as she's about to get ready we will grab what she needs so it's an easy process.

You can also follow what your photographer says in regards to where you should get ready.

They will always look for a space that has good lighting and enough space for you not to feel cramped. III. Breathe Sounds simple, but it's often bypassed. Your wedding day is supposed to be fun, but a lot of Bride's can get caught up in perfection. Enjoy the day, breathe and know that everything will go as it's suppose to. As long as you've done all that you can to plan and get things in order just let everything else fall into place and love on yourself.

Let your bridesmaids help you as much as they can - this is easier with good communication. "Pause, breathe, observe, and repeat. It's your wedding day. Look around and remember to take the time to remember."


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