First Heirloom Illuminating Crystal USB and Linen Photobox Keepsake

First Heirloom Illuminating Crystal USB's & Linen Photobox Keepsake

Finding products that allow a business to stay true to it's identity can be rare. Nowadays customization is priority, but so is standing out. With so many photographers and cinematographers on the rise, experienced and seasoned shooters can fade to the background even though their quality is out of this world. For this reason, I recommend First Heirloom to any professional photographer or cinematographer that's looking to showcase their products with class. First Heirloom is founded by husband and wife duo Stephanie and Brandon. They started the company with a vision (on a piece of paper) that grew into what we now know today as First Heirloom. {Read More}

Two products that I recommend you check out today are their Illuminating Crystal USBs and their Linen Photo-box. I especially loved the crystal USB's because they come in a large drive size and they have a special feature (a light within the drive) that let's the user know the drive is working. The larger drive size is perfect for wedding films.

The Gold 16gb Crystal Flash Drive is made of a durable glass-like structure that has a special illuminating feature when you plug it in. I love this feature because it let's the user know that the USB is working and recognized by your computer or smart-TV. This feature is especially great for your clients as sometimes USB's don't always show up on the desktop when plugged-in. The size of the USB is about 2-3/8" tall x 5/8" wide x 3/8" thick and comes in a capacity of 16gb with a speed of 2.0. There is also a Maple wooden USB option to choose from as well. This is great for Engagement or Family/Lifestyle Sessions.

If you're looking for a product to showcase both prints and storage of your USB-drive, the Grey Linen Photoboxes is a beautiful choice. The Linen box also has a magnetic front which keeps the prints and USB secure--preventing them from falling out. The box can hold approximately 150 standard 4x6 prints and the size is elegant; clients will definitely show this off in their homes.

Watch This Video: Grey Linen Photobox

The option to customize these boxes is available for the Velvet boxes that First Heirloom offers as well. This adds a great personal touch to a lifelong heirloom.

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