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Brand Session: Tim Swain

Brand Session: Tim Swain

I first met Tim Swain during a video shoot for a poem that he wrote. He wanted to turn it into a visual content piece and hired a local videographer to film it. I was friends with the videographer who then asked if I would assist him. I was more than happy to assist, and loved working on that project. It was different and I really liked the location we chose. For Tim's Sessions, I wanted to do something different with this blog post, so I asked him a few questions. A: What is your profession? T:I am a leader, poet, and community development practitioner. A: What do you love to do for fun? T: I like to watch reruns of The Cosby Show, Martin, and A Different World. I also mentor and perform.

A: What did you enjoy most about the session? T: Anesha was VERY professional and organized. She also exhibited flexibility and a sense of humor. She gave clear instructions during the session to truly help capture my vision. I am very pleased with her work and the overall experience. That's why I'm a repeat customer. A: What is your contact information for others to reach you should they wish to book your services? T: I can be reached at or via email at Photography by Unashamed Imaging



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