How To Elope When a Wedding Isn't Your Choice

How To Elope When a Wedding Isn't Your Choice
How To Elope When a Wedding Isn't Your Choice
If you've decided that a wedding is not of your liking, don't go without a celebration that at least allows the both of you to have some form of celebration. Don't worry, your family and friends may (at first) be upset that they weren't there to witness it, BUT once they see your photos and video (if you choose to have a videographer - I say yes), they will love it! Here are some ways to elope: 1. The City Hall or Courthouse elopement: A city hall or courthouse elopement is still a “real” wedding. Yes, less people, less decor, less...I think you get the point, but you're still getting married. It's just smaller celebration that normally involves the two of you as a couple and maybe two witnesses. You can choose to dress up or dress down, it's totally up to you and that's one of the perks of an elopement.

2. The Home Elopement:

In Florida, there are a lot of beautiful homes. If your friend owns a home by a waterfront and doesn't mind having a small group of people there for your elopement, bingo. That's what Melonie and Edward did! It was beautiful! There elopement involved both of Melonie's children and Melonie's friend. It was a beautiful time and they went on with their day once it was over.

3. The Officiant Elopement: This is when its the two of you and an officiant. You can definitely do this in a courthouse, a home, or even somewhere far away. Regardless, it will be beautiful and stress-free.

4. Head To Vegas: Yes, this one if the most common, but it's still doable. If you're an Elvis fan he could be your officiant, but if that's not your thing this is a great option for wedding nuptial/honeymoon location. Bonus Tip: If you do decide to have an elopement, don't go without a photographer, and don't assume that the photographer you really love won't shoot an elopement. All you have to do is ask. That's right, let me help you. "Hey Anesha, I'd really love for you to capture my elopement!" Still think an Elopement is cheesy? Think again. Check out this Windermere Florida Mansion Elopement: Melonie + Edward.


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