Serene Bridal Session in Washington DC

Serene Bridal Session in Washington DC

Orlando Wedding Photographer | MGM Resort in Washington DC

When’s the last time you had a photoshoot simply to capture how beautiful you are? I know that seems conceited, but it’s really not. In a world that’s full of selfies and constant images of beautiful women and men all over the globe directly targeted to find you - why not have a session for yourself.

As a photographer, I have a brand session for my business every three months. This helps me to stay connected with you; especially when I want to share some news or post on social media. When I have updated images to use it makes me want to connect even more with you because I have something fresh to share.

I was recently in DC to speak at a conference and had the opportunity to capture some amazing images of some beautiful people while at the conference. I decided to put them in this post to give a little inspiration for you to see how having fresh images of you are totally worth it.

Which set of images were your favorite?


Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
 She’s also available for international travel and 

destination weddings as well.

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