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Serene Bridal Session in Washington DC

Serene Bridal Session in Washington DC

Orlando Wedding Photographer | MGM Resort in Washington DC

When’s the last time you had a photoshoot simply to capture how beautiful you are? I know that seems conceited, but it’s really not. In a world that’s full of selfies and constant images of beautiful women and men all over the globe directly targeted to find you - why not have a session for yourself.

As a photographer, I have a brand session for my business every three months. This helps me to stay connected with you; especially when I want to share some news or post on social media. When I have updated images to use it makes me want to connect even more with you because I have something fresh to share.

I was recently in DC to speak at a conference and had the opportunity to capture some amazing images of some beautiful people while at the conference. I decided to put them in this post to give a little inspiration for you to see how having fresh images of you are totally worth it.

Which set of images were your favorite?