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Tips for Day Of Wedding Formals

Tips for Day Of Wedding Formals

Wedding Formals are very important to couples on a wedding day. They don't want anyone to feel left out, and sometimes it's hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Here are some practical ways to make the most out of your Wedding Party Formals on your wedding day. I. Communication The first place to start is to communicate with your wedding party. They need to know that this is important to you. ​II. Let Your Photographer Lead As a seasoned shooter, I know how to make the most out of your wedding portraits. I know how important this time is so I make it my goal to get everyone in order, and to make it fun while doing it. There's almost an internal checklist (in my head) that I use to help me stay organized and to make sure I capture your bridal party. What makes this part challenging is when the wedding party has their own agenda. Trust me, I know you want to go party. I know you want to eat and mingle. Heck, I want you to as well, but the best way to make all of this possible to is to led the photographer lead and to trust them. When you hired your wedding photographer you made this decision based on their portfolio work, the connection you made, and of course the experience. Use all three of these elements to back up that decision. Believe it or not, when your wedding party starts to not go along with what the photographer is saying or starts to undermine them, they actually eat up more of your time. I know they think they are helping and yes sometimes a piece of hair may be out of place, but let the photographer focus on that and trust them. Why? Because once one member of the wedding party starts going against the grain of order it gives permission for the rest of your wedding party to do the same ultimately eating up your portrait time. It's also important to let immediate family know this as well. If we're doing family portraits before or after the wedding party portraits, ,your immediate family should come too. ​III. Be Prepared To Move If you have previously discussed a certain location with your photographer and this location isn't in one area, your wedding party needs to be prepared to move. This goes back to #1 on this list. If your wedding party doesn't know that we have an additional or special spot, then they might be annoyed by all the walking and moving. After all, they are wearing heels and suites all day so it's totally understandable. That's why #1 is important. ​IV. Be On Time Whether big or small, time is a major key when it comes to wedding party formals. A 30-minute hair delay during prep time WILL set you back during your wedding day without question. A photographer that's seasoned will do all they can to give you the shots your heart desired, BUT they can not make magic with time they don't have. This is why timelines and making sure everyone is in place is pivotal. Do things happen, yes, but a lot of times delays come from being unorganized, poor communication, and lack of knowing what is priority to the couple. To learn more about Family Formal read here.

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