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4 Ways To Test Facebook LIVE Viewer Audience & Engagement

4 Ways To Test Facebook LIVE Viewer Audience & Engagement

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. As a business owner, it’s normal to A.B.T. Wondering what that stands for? It means to “always be testing.” I’ve heard so many influencers use this quote so I can’t even pinpoint where I first heard it, but I can tell you that it is factual and one quote that you should hang on to.

Why You Need To Poll Your Audience

“Nothing is ever one-hundred percent perfection.” One of the reasons why you should always be testing is because you may find a better way to do something with what you already have. This was similar to what the sister of the Black Panther said in the movie. Yes, I finally went to see it. I loved it for it’s many inspiration parts and the back history of the marvel comic.

When it comes to using Facebook-Live you must keep in mind that are you reaching new people every time you go live. Because of this, people may not know what you deliver, what to expect, etc. so you need to test things out all the time to see what’s working. Now, don’t get this confused with recreating. That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I am saying is that you should have an open mind to tweak things, trying things differently for a little while, completely eliminating certain things and more.

To get started, try these methods with your Facebook-Lives:

1. Test different platforms. Facebook may not be where your audience is and that’s okay. Go to YouTube Live or even Instagram Live. Remember, you’re testing.

2. Use short and long descriptions. See what your audience likes. Remember, you’re testing.

3. Try different times of day. I noticed I have more viewers before 12:00 noon EST then my originally planned time of 7:00 p.m. Because of this, I no longer promote that I go LIVE at 7:00 p.m. Remember, you’re testing.

4. Giveaways work! I know it sounds cheesy but people will watch because they are interested. Give them something they want. Remember, you’re testing.




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