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Casa Feliz Engagement Session: Raven + Andrew

Casa Feliz Engagement Session: Raven & Andrew

Casa Feliz Engagement Session: Raven & Andrew If you tuned into my recent Instagram Live Engagement Session Reveal, you know how much I raved about this session with Raven and Andrew. Raven and I had been in communication already, and we also talked about their outfits and the location of chose for their session. Raven and Andrew are literally best-friend goals. One of the funniest moments during their engagement session was during the time when they were dressed elegantly, and someone drove by really slow in a car playing a song that Raven really liked. It was already a happy engagement session, but the song turned it up a notch which I also loved. Raven started dancing out of nowhere, while Andrew was posing for GQ magazine. It was the funniest moment and one of Raven's

favorite pictures. Raven and Andrew met in undergrad at Florida A&M University during Raven’s Freshman orientation. Andrew was one of Raven's orientation leaders and was there to assist her with moving into her dorm room later that summer. Raven doesn’t remember, but their actual first date was in 2010 at FAMU. Andrew took her to Applebee’s where they shared a 2 for $20 meal (a true college luxury). Fast forward 4 years and onto their second “first date”. They had a catch-up over dinner and drinks at TGI Friday’s. They've been inseparable ever since. WATCH THIS VIDEO:

How About The Proposal: The proposal took place during Thanksgiving dinner in 2018. Andrew prepared made a special toast in front of close family and friends when he surprised Raven and popped the question. The engagement ring is a solitaire round cut diamond with side stones purchased from Zales. What They Like: Traveling, trying new foods and restaurants, binging Netflix series, and any opportunities to be adventurous and explore the city.


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