Developing a Repeatable Workflow Using Video Marketing

June 7, 2019

Developing a Repeatable Workflow Using Video Marketing


Developing a Repeatable Workflow Using Video Marketing


In business, organization is key to your success. Organization also has a lot to do with your workflow, and this is where the statement, " I should be doing (insert what that is here)”  often comes into play. Another factor to consider is that it may be time for you to pivot some of your marketing methods within your client's customer journey. Pivoting means doing something new or different to reach a goal in this case.

Having a workflow also helps you to reduce burnout. Burnout is a real thing and while it's often confused with depression it's important to know that they are NOT the same thing.

Before being diagnosed with Stage III Cancer, I was “hustling, grinding”....all of the words that you can think of for someone that is productive in business. One thing that I can say is that I was productive and not just “busy”.  During this time I would always share with my mother how I wanted to take better care of myself, but I would never do the steps to put my wants into action.  

I gave so much of myself into my business, but taking care of Anesha was never a priority. 


It wasn’t until December/January of 2018 when I finally decided to take care of Anesha Collins (an important element of my business) that I was neglecting for years. I finally decided to do more self-care which started with something small like getting my nails done, hanging out more, and eventually going to my Primary Care physician for a physical that was long overdue.


Cancer treatment (regardless to the treatment regimen) for stages III and above is very intense. A lot of times it involves surgeries, multiple medications, chemotherapy, and radiation. When choosing to go the traditional route (which I did) this is what it looks like, and I had all of thee above. I had above four surgeries in one month, a lot of other poking and prodding to be sure the treatment and staging of my Cancer was accurate. 

It was not easy.
It was hell.
It was scary. 

This journey took me away from the constant focus I had on my business, but I still say to this day that getting Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me.



Video-marketing was already established in my business workflow, but I was solely using it to stand-out when I first started. I was intentionally and unintentionally developing content to stand out and connect with my target audience, but I wasn’t really strategizing the way I could have (which would’ve made being where I am now) because of video-marketing come a lot faster.

Again, burnout is a real thing and while it's often confused with depression it's important to know that they are NOT the same thing. Burnout is emotional exhaustion (or feeling depleted), feeling cynicism and depersonalization (detaching and not emotionally investing in facets of your job/career specialty), and feeling ineffective (mismatch in the workplace between desired state and reality).

In this guide, I share more about my story, more about how video-marketing kept my business a float, and actual video-marketing/mindset strategies for you to put in place that can help to reduce burnout and help you implement a repeatable workflow using video-marketing. 


Download the guide below here.

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