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How To Upload a Video To IGTV

How To Upload a Video To IGTV

How To Upload a Video To IGTV

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging.

WHAT IS IGTV? - IGTV is a standalone vertical video application launched by Instagram. - Launched early July 2018 IGTV is not IG Stories. - This feature can be found at the top right corner on your feed page near your DM button.

After setting up your IGTV account, you are now ready to start uploading videos to your channel. You can use the IGTV Channel app to upload videos or you can upload your videos from the extension option within the Instagram app. Here's how to upload a video to your IGTV Channel: Step One: ACCESS THE APP (DOWNLOAD THE APP) If you're in the Instagram Feed on the mobile app, you can select the IGTV icon, next to the DM Messenger arrow icon. This will take you to your IGTV Channel. (See first photo below)

If you already have videos uploaded to IGTV you can also access your channel by selecting the IGTV Highlight button next to the rest of your Instagram highlights. (See second photo below)

On the desktop, select IGTV from the small menu bar above your feed. Then, select "UPLOAD"

To upload a video on IGTV on the desktop, select IGTV from the small menu bar above your feed. The, select "UPLOAD"

Bonus Tip: Video Orientation: Vertical File format: MP4 or MOV. Video Length: 15- Seconds to 10-Minutes Long File Size: Less than 3.6 GB You can also upload this same video to your business Facebook page. Be mindful of the video quality with loading to your Facebook business page. Also, the file format may be confusing to your audience as it is vertical in orientation and square videos do better on the Facebook newsfeed.

Step Two: SELECT A VIDEO FROM YOUR CAMERA ROLL Click the “+” in the right hand corner to add a new video. Select a video from your camera roll. Tip: Remember, you have a 10-minute video limit for uploads. Videos longer than 10-minutes will not show up as options to upload on your camera roll. If you have a video that is longer than 10-minutes, split the video into 10-minute increments and consider loading that video as a Series on your IGTV channel. Step Three: ADD A TITLE + DESCRIPTION Add a title and description that's relevant to the video you're uploading. Tip: Use keywords that help the viewer to better connect with your video ultimately encouraging them to watch it. Be sure to also tag relevant Instagram accounts. This will help to bring more attention to your video. I have used up to 30 hashtags on an IGTV video/Instagram post if it warranted to do so. (See here) I've tested using less than 30 hashtags as well. For now, the results are based on what I'm talking about in the video.

You can also include links to a relevant blog post or a page on your website that you want your viewers to go to. For example, I have a wedding checklist for Brides and Couples. I wanted to be sure they could download the item so I linked them directly to it on my IGTV video."

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Using an external link is also great if you sell products. You can link your audience directly to the product you want them to purchase by doing this. Step Four: CREATE A THUMBNAIL Choose a thumbnail from the video you've uploaded or upload a cover photo you created from your camera roll as the thumbnail. Creating an appealing thumbnail is important on IGTV. If you want to stay on brand, consider creating a template that you can continue to use, change the text for titles and images. Step Five: PUBLISH YOUR VIDEO Select the "POST" button and you're done.

WHY YOU NEED TO DEVELOP CONTENT FOR IGTV: Content is important, but the point is that we want our customers to know we exist. Content creators are on primarily YouTube. I teach video-marketing and upload videos to YouTube to help other business owners. However, more consumers are on Instagram. The generation that makes up most consumers are definitely on social media and creating content for IGTV is a great way to reach them. Bonus Tip: Vertical videos are best for IGTV, but be open to experimenting with what attracts your audience to watch your content. The aspect ratio is : 9:16 for those that want to create more brand connected videos for IGTV. While IGTV is still new and has some limitations, having a plan on how to use this feature for your business will serve as a great marketing tool to serve your target audience. So, my question for you is, how are you going to use IGTV? Leave a comment below.





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