The Secret Tool for Broadcasting Live on Instagram From Your Desktop

The Secret Tool for Broadcasting Live on Instagram From Your Desktop

WHAT IS LOOLA.TV? - Loola.TV is an application that let's you broadcast live (from your desktop or mobile device) to multiple platforms at one time. - Loola currently supports the following apps: Youtube, Instagram,, TikTok (formerly, UpLive, and 17 Live.

Are you excited yet? You should be, because this application is so innovative, and if you're a solo business owner (like myself), Loola.TV will save you a lot of time with video-marketing when it comes to producing and utilizing live-video content. You'll also gain access to valuable insight that can help you evaluate your video content. This data is shared is shared after your live broadcast has ended. This is one of my favorite features! Of course, I never leave you empty handed, so I've provided a step-by-step guide on how to setup Loola.TV for you to use on your desktop. Feel free to do each step and come back to this post as you progress forward. Here we go: Step One: SIGN-IN TO LOOLA.TV USING YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT. After you setup your account and sign-in, you will see a screen that looks like this. Yes, that's me waving at you! Once you get to this screen, go to Step Two.

Step Two (A): CONNECT YOUR SOCIAL PLATFORMS Before live-streaming, connect your YouTube and Instagram accounts. There are other accounts that you can stream to as well, but these two platforms are a great place to start. To connect, simply select the gear icon (the color of the icon is blue) on the Loola.TV dashboard. You can find this next to your Username on the top-right hand corner of the dashboard. (See photo below)

Currently, you're able to connect to six different live-streaming platforms. (Note: You don't have to connect to all six for Loola.TV to work. Select which platforms you want to stream to and then come back to the Studio dashboard.)

After you've configured your new channels, the Studio Dashboard will show you which channels you now have access to for live-streaming.

Step Two (B). For YouTube, it may not allow access to Livestream initially without changing the Privacy Setting on your YouTube Channel preference for this broadcast. You can change this by verifying your YouTube Account and then changing the Privacy settings under the Basic Info section from "Private" to "Public". (See photo below).

Step Three: CONNECT YOUR CAMERA & MICROPHONE To connect your camera, simply select the black-gear button on the lower right-hand side of the main interface screen. The button is right next to the microphone and camera icon.

To connect your camera, simply select the black-gear button on the lower right-hand side of the main interface screen. The button is right next to the microphone and camera icon. Do the same to access your microphone.

Step Four: GO LIVE! Yes, it's that simple! You're all set! Loola.TV makes the user experience easy and simple. Bonus Content: 1. Cool Features - Loola.TV has some really cool feature such as Music, Polls, Layouts, Effects (I'm pointing to them in the photo below), and more that will really add some customization and enhance the viewer experience during your live-stream. As of right now, they are not available, but knowing that these features are a part of the Loola.TV app. helps you to generate some ideas in advance as to how you can best use them.

2. Live-Broadcasting Tips (For LoolaTV): Audio: Invest in a quality microphone. Being that you're broadcasting to multiple platforms at once, you want to make sure your audience can hear you clearly.

Video Orientation: Select the best screen ratio via the Loola.TV app for Instagram Live. This is important as this is how the viewers will see you. Strategy: Don't Livestream just to do it. Have a purpose and a plan. If you struggle with this, I have some resources and tools listed below that you can use. Comments: Live-Viewer comments will show on the right-hand side column. Engage with live-viewers while you are live, but also keep in mind those that will catch the replay. 3. Download Your LIVE Video You can save your video broadcast your phone. 4. Video-Marketing Tips:

WHY YOU NEED TO DEVELOP CONTENT FOR INSTAGRAM: Content creators are on primarily YouTube. More consumers are on Instagram. The generation that makes up most of the future consumers are definitely on social media and creating content for Instagram is a great way to reach them. Loola.TV is currently in beta-testing right now, so features like the removal of the watermark are unavailable at this time, but that is a minor element that shouldn't deter you from using this application to connect with your target audience. You also want to keep in mind that you can't watch youRself on Instagram LIVE using the same Instagram account that you're live-streaming from. So, my question to you is, how are you going to use Loola.TV? Leave a comment below.

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