Handling A Delayed Wedding Timeline Because You're Late

Handling A Delayed Wedding Timeline Because You're Late

The wedding doesn't start until the bride and groom says it starts. But if a Bride/Groom is running late, the planner should be able to speak to the bride about options and offer suggestions on how to make up for that time that they have lost. Once a decision is made, it is the planners responsibility to communicate with the vendor team what the plan is for the rest of the evening. Having a planner make those calls is important because it is such a large shift in the production.

Most brides don't realize that much like a broadway show, a wedding is a full blown production with lots of moving parts. A professional, experienced planner should have no problem making an adjustment in the event that there is a delay. If the ceremony is delayed, there will be lots of shits in the night.

Food service will be affected, the photographers timeline could shift and the DJ would need to be notified as well. Having a planner handle the stress of working out all of those details is so crucial to a successful event. This blog post is a guest feature by Cherish Events of Orlando. Watch this video on "How To Handle A Delayed Wedding Timeline" ​​


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