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Blog Easier in 2019: For Wedding Photographers

Blog Easier in 2019: For Wedding Photographers

Kickstart your blog.

Some say blogging is dead and no one reads them, but this isn't true. I know for a fact that by using blogs within my education platform and wedding business platform, it has helped not only in revenue, but also in influence, connections, and opportunities. I receive messages all the time about the content I'm sharing for both of my businesses. So, if I, a solo-entrepreneur, can be successful at blogging, so can you. All you need is a little hand- holding to get started and that's what I am here for. This guide was created to help those that struggle with developing content for their blog. After years of not “wanting to” blog myself, I finally developed a strategy and remained committed to it. After implementing this strategy and seeing that it actually works when done right, I realized not only am I serving my couples and clients, but it’s also a part of my business that must be nurtured. One of the biggest reasons most wedding photographer’s struggle with blogging is because they don’t make it a must do - they make it a should do. And with most “should do’s” they don’t get done! I also know how successful a blog can be when you add elements to it such as videos, which is another marketing method that a lot of business owners overlook. Yes, even in 2019, there are still several businesses that are not using video- marketing.

Blogging is very practical and worth investing in. Yes, I am telling you that you must invest time to get your blog running and remain consistent. Even if you ultimately decide to higher an assistant to help with your blog, it still needs to be a requirement for your business. Here’s to YOU kickstarting your blog!

Five Reasons To Blog for Your Business:

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- Being a Reliable Resource (Serving Your Clients)

- Storage of Content Resource

- Just for Fun

- To Grow Your Business All of these reasons are valid, but you need to know the reason so you can remain committed to y0ur goal.

This 10-page guide comes with two strategies to help you blog easier in 2019, and generate ideas easier than you think.


Kickstart your blog.


If you’re new to blogging and need a layout guide, I have a resource to share with you. Contact me here. I love being a resource and I already believe in you!



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