Boost Your Facebook Live SEO With These Tips

Boost Your Facebook Live SEO With These Tips

LEARNWITHAC is an educational platform founded by Anesha Collins of LEARNWITHAC that educates and equips Creatives & Entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful at video-marketing, content-creation, and blogging. It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the biggest search engines next to Google and because of this, a lot of content creators are concerned about SEO when it comes to using Facebook-Live. Should this be a concern? It’s not one to throw under the rug, but with the right tactics there are ways you can bring more awareness to your Facebook-Live content.

In January of 2018, Facebook announced certain changes that would affect what we see on our timelines tremendously; especially content from businesses and advertisements. Facebook wanted to “bring back community and the purpose behind why Facebook was originally created.” Most business owners and content creators began to freak out with this announcement, but the truth is that these measures were already being rolled out. Using Facebook-Live has been documented as a great way to increase engagement with your target audience, and I know this for a fact because I livestream every Thursday for my live show and my engagement and reach has increased significantly.

Had this been a promoted or boosted post, the button labeled “Boost Post” would say “View Promotion”. The screenshot below is from a recent video I created March 2018, from a videoshoot. I uploaded the video natively to Facebook and the engagement was unpaid and organic.The screenshot below is from a recent video I created March 2018, from a videoshoot. I uploaded the video natively to Facebook and the engagement was unpaid and organic.

“Applying workable and logical techniques that promote organic engagement are great ways to improve SEO for Facebook-Live.” 1. Focus on your Top Audience: Your top audience will let you know who you’re talking to both age group and gender. On this top, my audience was mostly women between the ages of 25-34 years old which by statistics shows that my audience is made up of millenial's. Millenial's love visuals, and they love visuals that they can resonate with. In this video, it showed a young female (age 25-30) in a Bridal Robe. When you watch the video you’ll see that she also had these beautiful boots by House of Elliot, and a stunning bridal gown that was perfectly fit for the beach. 2. Respond to Reactions: Before commenting, respond to all reactions with a “like”, “heart” or whatever response is deemed appropriate based on the person’s comment. You can also measure how people responded to the content by looking at the “likes”, “hearts” and more from the post as seen here.

5. Repurpose Content: After your content has made some waves on Facebook natively, create a blog post for it and place that content in a well structured blog post. If you have a video to share, don’t stop at just sharing the video. Transcribe the video to create show notes and then load both the show notes and video to the blog post. Be sure to embed the video in your blog so viewers can see the post from it’s original platform.

Continue to repurpose your content as much as you desire and as much as your audience will resonate with you. This is a great way to gain more engagement, views, and reactions. It will also lead to more shares of this content which will help with SEO.


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