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Facebook Isn’t Dead: Your Content Might Be

Facebook Isn’t Dead: Your Content Might Be

Facebook Isn’t Dead. Your Content  MIGHT Be.

With the recent Facebook changes a lot of Creatives and Entrepreneurs are freaking out because they’ll have to actually put in the work to be seen and for the last 8-10 years we haven’t really been held accountable for providing quality content. All we had to do was “drop” content here and there as if it was trash being thrown out the window of a moving car. We didn’t pay attention to who saw it, where it went, or how far it took off. I think this the perfectly analogy to illustrate how we’ve operated over the years on Facebook. Give Them What They Want Quality content stems from what your audience responds to. I know that sounds backwards, but it’s the truth and because it’s the truth your need to work backwards as a content creator. For example, if the members of an educational platform teaching on video-marketing expresses that they want to learn more about “creating content that resonates with their audience”, and secondly expresses that they “need to get on video.” The want is what’s going to spark the need. By giving them content and direction that helps them to develop content for their target audience, their next step is almost predictable; they get on video.

Keeping It Real Is The Best Place To Start One thing that I stand firm on in my educational group is that I will only teach what I do and what I know. I will not run my platform as if I know everything because I don’t and that’s what stops me from being human. Even when it comes to Facebook-Live and hosting my live broadcast every Thursday, I only talk about topics that I have experienced in my niche and/or have research enough and can relate to enough to speak about. A lot of times I validate this by looking for visual content (photos and/or video) that I have to backup my position. The best way to execute this is to categorize what my content focus is geared towards. Let’s talk video-marketing for example. If I’m speaking about different types of videos that one can produce to showcase for outbound marketing, then I will accompany this content with written or video form to support my position and to also illustrate and validate how realistic what I’m sharing is to the receiver that is engaging with my content. It costs us nothing to be real, but gains us everything when it comes to connection.


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