How To Market Your Wedding Video Business Using Video-Marketing

How To Market Your Wedding Video Business Using Video-Marketing

How To Market Your Wedding Video Business Using Video-Marketing

You'd be surprised how many wedding videographers struggle with marketing their businesses to connect with their target audience using video. After all, video done the wrong way can hurt a business. Step 1: Watch this video to learn more about: How To Market Your Wedding Video Business Using Video-Marketing.

Step 2: Visit LEARNWITHAC's Video-Marketing community to learn more about 10 Videos that you can make for your business. Also, print the bottom portion on this post to work through an activity that will help you best connect and communicate with your audience.

​​​​​PRINT THIS PORTION OF THE POST(IF YOU'D LIKE):​ Video-Marketing Engagement Strategy: 1. My name is ______________________________________, and I want to connect with my target audience by being ___________________________, authentic, and _____________________________. 2. I will choose 1-2 of the following options below for engagement purposes: a. POLLS b. SURVEYS c. Facebook Messenger d. Direct Messages 3. I will practice GOING LIVE _______________________________ (write how often here), until I am ready to GO LIVE Publicly. 4. Even if I post a photo, I will respond back to comments within ______________________ (how many minutes), and like comments accordingly right away. These four elements will help you with your engagement process. After you've tried #3 at least 5-7 times, you will feel more comfortable going LIVE publicly. Also, if you'd like me to watch your Practice FB-LIVES for feedback purposes, simply send me an email ( with a link to the video. What did you learn by exploring other profiles on social media of people that inspire you, what video ideas do you have in mind to create?

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