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How To Showcase Video on Instagram

How To Showcase Video on Instagram

How To Showcase Video on Instagram

Are you lost with how to get started with video presence of Instagram? Here are a few tips to help you.: Topic: How To Showcase Video on Instagram

Key Takaeways 1.Cover photos matter 2. Watch Video length 3. Don’t post the same Facebook Videos to Instagram 4. AVOID “Buy Me” Syndrome 5. Engage! Resources Mentioned:


Video Transcript: * (Disclaimer: Transcription provided for those that want to read the content spoken in the video. Errors may exist in the transcript.)

00:00: have you been thinking about how to

00:01: incorporate video on instagrams let me

00:03: tell you something this is something

00:04: that I started doing let's say early

00:07: 2016 and definitely in 2017 and a lot of

00:09: my industry peers when Nonna's oh my

00:12: gosh you're always putting on these

00:13: really good videos to market your brand

00:16: and then maybe stand out from other

00:19: people within and especially in my area

00:22: because they were doing it doesn't mean

00:24: that you know they celebrated like that

00:25: I just weren't doing it so I'm gonna

00:27- give you guys three tips to help you is

00:29-starting with Instagram videos so this

00:33-probably for someone would be like the

00:35-last but I always work backwards and I

00:38-believe that you should really have a

00:40-really good cover photo a lot of times

00:43-people will use a like a clip from

00:47-within the video and I may not actually

00:49-grab your audience's attention so when

00:52- you're making your Instagram video

00:54-within your editing software so easy I

00:56-don't premiere or Final Cut Pro X

00:58-whatever put your cover photo in there

01:00-first but make sure it doesn't eat up

01:01-your time because kind of going into

01:04- you want to watch the length of your

01:06- video and so you don't want the first 10

01:08- seconds of your video to be just that

01:10- cover photo you will lose people so

01:12- let's talk about tip number two

01:15- so tip number two is about the length of

01:19-your video because it's Instagram and

01:21-it's mostly known for images even though

01:24-video is finding its place as well you

01:26-want to watch the length of your videos

01:28- honestly I've had more yes that means

01:32-that you have to get in there within

01:34-like the first six to eight seconds and

01:36-give people what they need but as you

01:38-get better at it

01:39-and as you create more promotional or

01:42-inbound and outbound marketing type of

01:45-content you will see how much easier it

01:47-is to really deliver your message in a

01:50-couple seconds there's a quote I don't

01:52-even remember who said it because I'm

01:53-honestly always from different people

01:59-but there's a statement I should say

02:00-that if you can't like describe with

02:03-your dues without sounding like a broken

02:05-or robot in the first couple of seconds

02:09-you will lose some money in conversation

02:11-so you need to make sure to keep that

02:14-same mindset I should say when you're

02:15-doing Instagram video now Facebook

02:19-things have changed but you want to make

02:23-sure that you are keeping a good length

02:26-for Instagram and I'm gonna be honest

02:28-with you the way you make a video for

02:30-Facebook may not work on Instagram so

02:32-don't just don't be lazy like be

02:34-creative you may be able to take that

02:35-same video and chop it up or cut it up

02:37-or put a part of it in to your Instagram

02:41- video content and what you share but I'm

02:44-telling you right now you cannot just

02:45-use that same Facebook video on

02:47-Instagram and just leave it in play that

02:49-doesn't work

02:54-some good ideas for videos for Instagram

02:58-would be behind the scenes they do very

03:01-well because people get to know it you

03:03-can see what it's like for me I'm a

03:05-photographer and cinematographer someone

03:06-nice when I share behind-the-scenes

03:08-video say like oh wow that's how she

03:09-goes that's how she operates look at the

03:11-rides and look at the couples and

03:13-although there's another we got another

03:15-tip video that I do a lot is showcasing

03:17-now when you're showcasing once if you

03:21-want to be sure that you're not doing

03:22-once again that pushy by myself so you

03:27-just want to show like hey this is what

03:28-my brides or couples or whatever it is

03:30-you can hear and this is what they get

03:31-is worth a look and that's when I meet

03:33-excuse me bye bye showcase you don't

03:36-just want to put the like a like a

03:38-product video up there and into like

03:39-okay bye that's not it you want you

03:42-still want to invite them in but you

03:44-want to show them like hey this is how I

03:46-created this video or this is how I

03:48-created this photo or whatever the case

03:50-may be don't I want to say this in

03:53-especially for people that are within an

03:55-issue because I see it a lot just

03:56-because you share behind-the-scenes

03:58-video doesn't mean that someone else can

04:00-be you argue you're just sharing how you

04:02- did it they can try it but it still may

04:04- not resonate the same way with their

04:06-audience especially they're doing

04:07-something that's completely ninth day so

04:09-I was sharing this to encourage you to

04:11-be yourself be creative be entertaining

04:14-be engaging to all of that good stuff

04:17- and you find that getting started with

04:19-Instagram videos or doing videos

04:21- Instagram is cnxn [END]

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How To Showcase Video on Instagram


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