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How To Showcase Video on Instagram

How To Showcase Video on Instagram

How To Showcase Video on Instagram

Are you lost with how to get started with video presence of Instagram? Here are a few tips to help you.: Topic: How To Showcase Video on Instagram

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Key Takaeways 1.Cover photos matter 2. Watch Video length 3. Don’t post the same Facebook Videos to Instagram 4. AVOID “Buy Me” Syndrome 5. Engage! Resources Mentioned:



Video Transcript: * (Disclaimer: Transcription provided for those that want to read the content spoken in the video. Errors may exist in the transcript.)

00:00: have you been thinking about how to

00:01: incorporate video on instagrams let me

00:03: tell you something this is something

00:04: that I started doing let's say early

00:07: 2016 and definitely in 2017 and a lot of

00:09: my industry peers when Nonna's oh my

00:12: gosh you're always putting on these

00:13: really good videos to market your brand

00:16: and then maybe stand out from other

00:19: people within and especially in my area

00:22: because they were doing it doesn't mean

00:24: that you know they celebrated like that

00:25: I just weren't doing it so I'm gonna

00:27- give you guys three tips to help you is

00:29-starting with Instagram videos so this

00:33-probably for someone would be like the

00:35-last but I always work backwards and I

00:38-believe that you should really have a

00:40-really good cover photo a lot of times