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Wedding Day Bridal Checklist

Wedding Day Bridal Checklist

Wedding Day Bridal Checklist. Bride standing in gown holding bouquet.

After photographing weddings for several years, and attending a few weddings as a guest, I have come to the realization that planning a wedding is a whole lot of work. Besides worrying about yourself, most brides are worrying about the catering, guest being happy, the decor, the bridal party, the ceremony, reception details, and so forth. For this reason, I thought I’d take a minute to write out a list of wedding day must-haves. You can call it a bridal checklist if you'd like! These are not only things that you need, but things that will make for some of the most beautiful images on your special day! 1. The Dress: Of course you don't want to forget the most important ensemble of the day, your dress. Compliment it with a nice hanger, leave it in the Bridal Gown Designer bag given to you (when you pick up your dress at the salon) and you're all set.

Mother helps bride with dress.

2. Invitation Suite: Yes, the entire invitation set that you sent to your guest! This compliments detail shots of your wedding day so well, and also places real significance as a time capsule. Having photos of what your invitation suite looks like is amazing and it provides a great backdrop for detail shots of your rings and jewelry. Custom wedding invitations

3. Perfume: Something special you can do for your wedding day is to purchase a new perfume. Yes, this may mean you need to fit this into your budget, but it holds real significance. It will serve as a precious reminder whenever your partner smells the perfume you wore on your wedding day; instant flashback.

Tiffany perfume set wrapped.

4. The Rings: Many of wedding ceremonies have been delayed because the rings were left-behind unintentionally. Keeping the rings with the Bride is actually best because she has the most accessories for detail shots. There's nothing more beautiful then showcasing the ring set with the significant details and colors of the wedding day. 5. Bridal Shoes: The wedding day is NOT the day to try your Bridal Shoes. By now you should've worn them at least three times to break them in. Be sure to have them in the box they originally came in or a satin-travel bag so they don't get damaged.

Bridal shoes for the wedding day with a veil.

6. Gifts: If you plan on exchanging gifts be sure to pack your gift for your future spouse with your bridal day luggage. You don't want to regret not being able to share your gift during the pre-ceremony timeframe.

7. Jewelry: There's nothing more beautiful then the moment of watching a Bride put on her final touches (most of the time this is jewelry). Be sure to pack all jewelry no later than 48 hours before your wedding day. This will ensure that you have the exact pieces you want to avoid last minute scrambling.

Bridal jewlery

Wedding Day Bridal Checklist


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