Why A Second Photographer is Worth It For Your Wedding Day

Why A Second Photographer is Worth It For Your Wedding Day

Today I’m sharing why it’s so valuable to have a second photographer on your wedding day. I’ve come to find out that it’s such an important part of a wedding day that, and that it can help with making the day run more smoothly. It allows you to get all the photos you really want to have (especially if you love details). Here are my top 3 reasons I offer second photographer for my wedding collections: 1. Different Angles and Moments With a second photographer, you can have different angles of the same moment. Especially if you've decided to not have an unplugged wedding, having a second photographer helps to reduces missing a moment because someone blocked the main photographer's view. Yes, this can happen, even to an experienced shooter. When you’re walking down the aisle, each step and moment matters and you want to save the true essence of that moment as well. With a second photographer, the lead photographer has the ability to focus on main details and moments, while the second photographer focuses on your fiance' and other details of the moment. If you decide to have a first look, you definitely want those different angles. At the same time, I don't want to interrupt this moment, which is one of the reasons why couples do a First Look, but I also want you capture every moment, so a second shooter allows me to focus on you while they can focus on your fiance'. There are really so many reasons why it's valuable when it comes to angles and capturing the essence of your wedding day. The photos below were taken at almost exactly the same moment.

2. Time Having a second shooter on your wedding day is great for emergencies. I know, you're like why would you say that - on a wedding day things happen and one of the most common things that happens it's lateness. I consider this an emergency because your vendor and planner are on a timeline, but this does not mean to freak out. The fact that you booked a second photographer allows you to remain relaxed because you have two people covering at two locations giving you more flexibility. When it's time to take Couple's portraits, the second photographer can capture the reception because normally the reception isn't fully ready before the ceremony. You don't want images of the table setting or decor setup that's not finished. Flexibility

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