STEP ONE: Optimize Your Instagram Bio
*Make these changes before starting the #28DayChallenge

Task Time-Frame: 5-10 minutes
Goal: Optimize Your INSTAGRAM BIO


Starting in the ‘Edit Profile’ section, here are some useful tips to help your business best shine through – from your profile picture, to links, hashtags, CTAs and the many other elements that make up a good Instagram Bio:

1. Profile Picture: Include your logo OR a Profile picture of yourself that shows YOU looking forward. 

2. Optimize your name for the search query:
There are only two factors that Instagram’s query takes into consideration in searches: your name and your username. Yet, when users search for your business on Instagram, they will undoubtedly type in the actual name of your business. Therefore, what you choose to type in the ‘name’ field should align with what your business is called, for example, Ice Cream Deliciousness Florida. For your username, you can get a little creative, such as @Icecreamchallenge – just don’t stray too far from your company’s name.

3. Make your one-link count:
Create a landing page that leads directly to your website and NOT Linktree or another website that your following has to click on first to get your content. 

4. List your best form of contact:
Whether DM, phone number or email. Most Instagram Business Profiles actually give you the option to have your email, website link, and phone number listed automatically once updated/setup.

1. Everything you say in your profile matters. It's the first thing that people read about you and your business.

2. Think like a search engine and STOP copying what someone you follow is doing. By copying them, you are indirectly targeting their audience back to them!

3. Lead the way with a strong CTA by using the link option in your profile.

4. Share a personal trait about yourself that allows your following and new followers to get to the HUMAN side of you! 

#28DayChallenge: Getting Over Your Fears of Being on Camera


For the next 28-days, I challenge you to post to Instagram Stories, sharing relevant and interesting content based on the day-of challenge prompts shared with you for this challenge. 

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  • STEP 2: Head over to UNIT 7 in the Facebook Group for the Challenge Details.

  • STEP 3: Be sure to include the group hashtag: #LWACNoFearChallenge so I can all follow along and see the work you're putting in to give feedback and encouragement along the way!

How The Challenge Works:

  • Make sure your Instagram account is
    active and updated.


  • Follow the weekly prompts in the Facebook group for each week of the #28DAYCHALLENGE


  • Follow and respond to daily prompts in the Facebook group for tips, conversation,
    feedback and more for the challenge. 


  • You will be linked to the most recent challenge: MARCH 2019. Start with Day 1! 

After The #28DayChallenge You Will:

  • Grow the relationship with your target audience.

  • Learn more about your target audience and current following

  • Gain and have confidence with getting on camera.

  • Be confident about what you're sharing (video and content wise) while also following a strategy
    that will help with conversion.

  • Connect with your target audience so you can touch lives and serve them with what they need.


I'm here to help you, so by all means ask any questions you have! Send them here.

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