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Stefan and I met on Facebook. Although I live in Tampa, I was volunteering in Orlando with a Christian event promotions group, and I came up as a suggested friend based off of people we mutually knew. He sent me a friends request, I briefly checked him out to make sure he wasn’t crazy (LOL), and accepted because he fit the mold of people that I would be advertising our events to. That was on June 7th, 2011. We met in person June 25th, 2011. I sent him an invite to a game night we were hosting and he said he would come specifically to meet me. Honestly, I didn’t believe him, but he showed up right in the middle of me playing UNO. He asked “excuse me, are you Carissa” I replied “No! My name is Antronette! “(Which is my middle name).


He then apologized and proceeded to walk away, then I started laughing and verified he approached the correct person. From what I remember we didn’t talk very long. I made some suggestions of people he should introduce himself to since he worked in radio and there were local Christian artist at the event. There were a few more minutes of small talk and then we parted ways. I think he stayed at the game night no more than an hour. He actually left right when the party was getting started. I didn’t have any interest in him romantically at the time of meeting him. Honestly, the only thing that struck me when we met is how deep his voice was. It’s one of those smooth jazz radio kind of voices. Outside of that he was just another dude LOL! We stayed facebook friends and casually interacted online but I wouldn’t see him again until almost 2 years from that date. And romantic interest didn’t spark between us until April 2016. (Crazy right! LOL)


 I did it because I was confused and stunned that she was there.. and a bit excited because she’s my best friend! I thought maybe Stefan invited her to enjoy Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas with us. Then she tells me to turn around and I see Stefan on one knee. And at 4:47 pm on November 11th 2017 he proposed!


This proposal was a little hard, but in a good way. I had to keep this a secret from Carissa for a few weeks as Stefan reached out to me and Carissa also happens to be a friend of mine. I was so happy for her and would love to shoot another surprise proposal again. She really had no idea and didn't even notice that I was there because I was hidden within the crowd waiting for the Disney parade to start. 

You can also find their amazing session published on  The Knot’s, “How He Asked”.

Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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