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  • Q. I love the details you capture in photos and the energy in your films. Tell me about your approach for my wedding?:
    A. I'm a storyteller that captures moments how they are with a twist. I focus on details, candid and timeless moments, energy, and environments (where we are and what's actually happening). My photography and cinematography style is bright, clean, and soul-touching; captured in a candid, classic and natural way.
  • Q. How Long Will It Take to Receive My Wedding Film or Wedding Photography?
    To produce my level of quality and consistency, here are the turn-around times for each: Wedding Photography (4 Weeks) Wedding Cinematography (8 Weeks) Combo Collection (180 Days)
  • Q. How many weddings do you shoot a year?
    To be honest, wedding burnout is real amongst professionals that actually care about the experience and quality they give. Because I want to give my best to you, I don't accept every client and I only shoot 20-25 wedidngs a year.
  • Q. Where Are You Located & Are You Insured?
    A. Yes, Unashamed Imaging is insured and will provide certificate of license as needed for your wedding. I am based in Central Florida, but serve internationally and the state of Georgia and New York often.
  • Q. Anesha, I want you to shoot my wedding, but it's not in Florida?"
    A. Where are we going? I have my passport ready! I love to travel. Feel free to contact me for more information.
  • Q. How is music chosen for my wedding film?
    A. Unashamed Imaging only uses licensed music in video productions as it is illegal to use any form of copyrighted music. This applies to general videography as well. As stated in the final contract, creative control is within the complete discretion of Unashamed Imaging, LLC. *Additional details discussed with client during consultation if needed.
  • Q. Anesha, can I see what other couples have to say about their experience? "
    A. Sure! Please visit the Testimonials for Reviews. You can also watch thisVideo.
  • Q. I love your portfolio and gallery. How many images will I receive?
    A. Every shot Unashamed Imaging captures is to serve as an heirloom for your love story. This is why quality is important to Unashamed Imaging. On average Unashamed Imaging shoots 65-70 images per hour of coverage. This may vary based on how your wedding transpires day of. Final image count is also outlined in all Wedding Photography Collections.
  • Q. What About Raw Footage?
    A. Weddings: Unashamed Imaging does not release Raw Footage as it is not an accurate representation of Unashamed Imaging's shooting style or your wedding day. Ample time (a vast amount of hours) is spent looking through all footage captured to give you the best wedding film. I do offer a Wedding Documentary film, which is a synced film featuring your wedidng day in chronological clip order. These clips will contain on-location sound bites from the in-camera microphone. These clips are more candid and less cinematic in nature. Wedding Films Offered: Highlight Film, 2-Minute Teaser, Full Length Ceremony Film, Wedding Documentary Film and Wedding Day Heirloom Film (details outline in collections).
  • Q. How Do I Recieve My Wedding Photography, Wedding Film, Or Any Final Products? "
    A. Digital delivery is the primary source of delivery for all clients. For wedding photography, you will receive notification from me informing you that your wedding photography is now ready to view. All tangible items are delivered to the best mailing address given to Unashamed Imaging at time of delivery.
  • Q. Anesha, Your Work Is Beautiful! How Do I Book You?"
    A. Reservation(s) of date(s) are set once the client has paid the non-refundable Booking Payment and has signed the Official Contract. For more detailed information please read about Unashamed Imaging's Booking Process. | Payment Policy. ​ All payments are pre-scheduled.Invoices are sent 5-7 days prior to the payment due date to ensure you have enough time to make your payment and avoid late fees. Payment options are available upon discussion. Final balance due 30 days before your scheduled shoot/wedding date. Mailing Address: Unashamed Imaging, LLC. 1065 E. SR 434 #195794 WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32719

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Unashamed Imaging > Adrienne & Jason's Wedding

Orlando, Florida

Unashamed Imaging 
 Adrienne & Jason's Wedding

Pre-Ceremony and reception streams will each appear as separate streams for this event.
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