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"Mike and I met at 24 hour Fitness gym in New York. I was training for the FDNY physical agility test and working with one for the gyms employees Luis whom was also training with Mike. One day Luis asked me if it was okay if we can all work out together, I didn’t have any problem with it so I agreed. 


The following workout session Luis introduced Mike and I to one another and the three of us worked out numerous times together. One day Luis tells me that him and Mike were having guy talk and Mike mentioned that he liked me, then Luis tells Mike that Melanie thinks you’re cute. Which in actuality neither Mike nor myself had said any of that to Luis, he just made all that up. The next time I show up to work out as usual but Luis wasn’t there, so Mike and I continue to work out together. Mike walked me home afterwards and we talked and talked and talked. We exchange phone numbers and started hanging out outside of the gym. Luis planted the seeds and our friendship grew into a relationship and four years later we’re getting married thanks to our Cupid Luis!"- Melanie


We were exchanging anniversary gifts and he gave me a card first, I felt like the card was written specifically for us it was so touching having answered him I began to cry as I was reading it. Once I was finished with the card he got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to be Mrs. Valentin.


You can also find their amazing session published on  The Knot’s, “How He Asked”.

Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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