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13 Unique Wedding Ideas To Break Tradition From a Real Bride

13 Unique Wedding Ideas To Break Tradition From a Real Bride

Every couple wants to be different, but with so much access to ideas and what's right or normal for a wedding it can be hard to stand out and be original.Lynette and David really wanted to break tradition with a wedding that truly reflected them as a couple. Here are some unique and significant elements of their wedding celebration that will inspire you to be original: 1. Cake Knife Set: Lynette's parents use this set at their wedding. 2. Family Tribute: The little gold mirror was from the store Lynette's family had in Cuba (they were unable to attend the wedding). 3. Bouquet Toss: In lieu of the bouquet and garter toss, Lynette and David decided to dedicate the bouquet to her parents and his grandparents. Both have shared tons of wisdom and advice throughout their relationship, and both have the solid marriages that Lynette and David aspire to have.

4. Special Song: Lynette and her Father collaborated to create the song she walked down the aisle to.

5. Special Dance: My dad and I danced to the same song we danced to at my Quince' more than 10 years ago, “Always and Forever” by Luther Vandross.

6. Symbols: The unity cross symbolized our commitment to each other as husband and wife led by the Lord, and the cross doubles as decor in our home. 7. May The "4th" Be With You: ​Lightsaber fight with our bridal party and a Lightsaber faux exit to a song that Lynette's brother remixed just for them. Everyone thought they left, but we came back to give each and every one of our guests a personal farewell​. 8. Friends TV Show: David wrote Lynette notes that were presented to her throughout the day with titles resembling episode titles from the show they love, “Friends”. It started with “The one when she first wakes up,” “The one when she wants coffee”, “The one when she wants to listen to music,” “The one when she’s ready to open her gift”, “The one when she puts on her dress, “The one when she’s getting ready to leave,” “The one when she’s about to walk down the aisle,” and just in case, “The one in case she freaks out”. They had the Friends theme song play in a dedication to their friends and each other, “I’ll be there for you!” (Sidenote: It was a fun moment!)

9. NBA Style Intros: Basketball style introductions as a nod to their last name, Lebron. We gave each bridal party member a funny surprise introduction! 10. Tributes to Guest: David and Lynette had a lot of couples at their wedding, so they played their wedding “songs” during dinner. It was beautiful to watch them light up and kiss when they heard their song.

11. Private Dance: "All of Me" by John Legend at the end of the night to soak in the entire day, steal a moment to ourselves and just bask in the happiness. I was holding back tears all day but finally got a chance to let it all out.

12. Special Gift: David’s gift: Lynette handmade a card. She drew Kylo Ren on the cover and Yoda on the inside. One time (a few months after they met) David was wearing jeans with holes. I was playing with the holes and accidentally ripped them, completely ruining his pants. 5 years later, Lynette gifted him new jeans that she owed him, minus holes because “nothing will tear us apart”.

Lynette's gift: David got me socks because he knows I can’t live without them!

13. Music Playlists: David hand picked the music for the entire event: pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and party. He even created a getting ready playlist for his bride with all her favorite songs .


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