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14 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

14 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

24 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping.

If you don't love it in the boutique, you'll hate it on your wedding day.

Shoes, earrings, the veil, and garter belt are important, but the dress is what really makes the Bride feel amazing on her wedding day. It's the one element of her wedding that really seals the deal and says - this is official. Every Bride is different, but there are foundational things that every Bride can use to help them during the process of dress shopping. So, if you haven't said "yes" to the dress yet, here is a list of 24 things to know before you go ahead and search for the perfect wedding gown:

1. Do Your Research:

To avoid getting frustrated it's best to do your research in advance and not on the day you've chosen to go dress shopping. Use online resources to search for designers and dress styles. This will help you to narrow things and make the shopping experience more streamlined.

2. Eat Well

This may seem silly but eating before you go shopping is important. You definitely don't want to pass out from running around and you also want to be focused. Your brain loves sugar and it will help you to stay focused.

3. Limit Your Entourage

This really is a precious moment so bring the right people with you. If that means it's you and two or three other people that's fine. The biggest tip I'll give is to be sure that these are people who will be honest with you about how you look and won't pressure you to try on things that you really don't want to.

4. Shop Early:

The earlier you shop the better because if you don't see what you like then you have more time to look for dresses elsewhere if you need to. It also gives you time to watch trends if you're that type of person, so if this is important to you, shopping early can allow you to just browse carefree. 5. Avoid Over-Pinning:

Try not to Pin too many dress ideas so it doesn't add confusion and overwhelm to your decision-making process.

6. Make an Appointment:

Recently a fellow wedding professional went to purchase a dress and had a bad experience at a local shop. After re-reading what happened it sounded like the salon worker might've been overwhelmed, but when you're shopping for a dress that is not your problem. Because of this I strongly advise getting an appointment and confirming that appointment date and time.

7. Set a Budget:

There's nothing worse then looking at dresses that are outside of your budget. You can totally ruin this experience by doing that. If you're not really sure what to have as a budget look online at the dresses you like and make a range. At least that way you can go up or down within this range and not panic. 8. Don't Buy It if You Don't Like It:

Remember, you have to be in love with the dress. Even being "in like" is a little risk-kay! Make sure you can totally see yourself in it. One of the best ways to know this is if regardless to what the people say who came with you to go dress shopping; if you love it, it's a keeper.

9. Trunk Shows:

Consider attending one to look for your bridal gown. These shows usually have more bridal gowns available and the final investment on a gown may be lower then if you get that same gown at the boutique. 10. Heels:

It's my recommendation to bring the same height pair of heels with you if you know what height you'd like to wear on your wedding day or at least what height you're most comfortable in. Yes, heels do make a difference. 11. Learn Different Dress Types:

You don't have to be an expert at this, but knowing helps so when the boutique or salon uses terminology such as "this is an A-line dress", you're not starring at them like a dear in headlights. You'll learn what looks best on your body and be able to decipher which dresses you like better because of this knowledge. 12. Undergarments: It's been said that undergarments are optional, but still ask what's best before your appointment. You may even need to take them off based on the dress type you're trying on or your bust-size. 13. Be Open-Minded: This piece of advice came from a local boutique owner and it's invaluable because you may actually fall in love with a dress type that you never considered. So, if while at the salon a different dress style is given to you, try it on. It won't hurt! 14. Go Local:


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After 13 years in bridal fashion working with the most prestigious designers including Oscar De La Renta, Ines Di Santo, Lela Rose, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang; Tali launched her first bridal boutique. She didn't want to be limited by the traditional ways of retail where you can only help brides with the lines you carry. Her love of all designer gowns, attracted her to create a new concept bridal boutique; where gowns are sourced from couture designers, as well as former brides. She knew the exquisite runway dresses that were never worn belonged to a deserving home. With her experience with master dressmakers and seamstresses, she knew she could restore a client's dress back to pristine condition so another bride could enjoy it at a fraction of retail. During her engagement in 2014, she quickly realized the challenges today's brides face. She had a five month engagement, paying for most of the wedding herself, while purchasing a home in College Park, Orlando. With her background in fashion, a designer wedding dress was the only way for her to feel confident walking down the aisle. Throughout her engagement and newlywed life, the idea of The Bridal Finery evolved. Resources: | Bride Series Website

14 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping


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