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14 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

14 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

24 Things to Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping.

If you don't love it in the boutique, you'll hate it on your wedding day.

Shoes, earrings, the veil, and garter belt are important, but the dress is what really makes the Bride feel amazing on her wedding day. It's the one element of her wedding that really seals the deal and says - this is official. Every Bride is different, but there are foundational things that every Bride can use to help them during the process of dress shopping. So, if you haven't said "yes" to the dress yet, here is a list of 24 things to know before you go ahead and search for the perfect wedding gown:

1. Do Your Research:

To avoid getting frustrated it's best to do your research in advance and not on the day you've chosen to go dress shopping. Use online resources to search for designers and dress styles. This will help you to narrow things and make the shopping experience more streamlined.

2. Eat Well

This may seem silly but eating before you go shopping is important. You definitely don't want to pass out from running around and you also want to be focused. Your brain loves sugar and it will help you to stay focused.

3. Limit Your Entourage

This really is a precious moment so bring the right people with you. If that means it's you and two or three other people that's fine. The biggest tip I'll give is to be sure that these are people who will be honest with you about how you look and won't pressure you to try on things that you really don't want to.

4. Shop Early:

The earlier you shop the better because if you don't see what you like then you have more time to look for dresses elsewhere if you need to. It also gives you time to watch trends if you're that type of person, so if this is important to you, shopping early can allow you to just browse carefree. 5. Avoid Over-Pinning:

Try not to Pin too many dress ideas so it doesn't add confusion and overwhelm to your decision-making process.

6. Make an Appointment: