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18 Ways To Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed At Your Wedding

18 Ways To Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed At Your Wedding

​ ​​  ​​ ​​  ​17 Ways To Honor Deceased Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Weddings are a time for celebration of love, life, and family, but sometimes certain loved ones have passed on. When faced with this decision-making process don’t feel overwhelmed. Here’s a list of ideas for you to consider:

1. Attach of photo of your loved on to your bouquet stem. You can place the photo in an open-faced locket or a closed locket. Either way it will be beautiful.

2. Create a collage of photos that you can tastefully display at your wedding. Most couples use a separate table for this idea or the guest book area.

3. Reserve a seat in the ceremony space with their name on a plaque or a small mirror with customized calligraphy.

4. Hanging Tree: Use fishing string or straw-strung to hang photos from a tree in an artful manner. I’ve seen photos of this on Pinterest. It’s actually really beautiful.

5. Take a moment of silence or prayer in their honor.

6. Wear a piece of jewelry in their honor. Grandma’s earrings or veil for example.

7. Candle-lighting Ceremony

8. Play their favorite song. Ask guest to dance to it or sing along with it .

9. Lantern Send Off: You may have to keep participants to a minimum but this is a great way to honor a loved one at your wedding.

10. Print a photo of the loved one, hold it, and have your wedding photographer capture that.

11. See something of quality material to your wedding dress in honor of them.

12. Slideshow of photos featuring your loved one.

13. Projector of video clips featuring your loved ones.

14. Recite a poem you wrote for them.

15. Wear their favorite fragrance.

16. Wear their favorite lipstick color.

17. Use material from your mothers wedding dress to wrap around your bouquet stem.

18. Play a recording of your loved one that will bring back happy memories. Be prepared for tears.

18 Ways To Honor Deceased Loved Ones At Your Wedding


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