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Emerald Green & Navy Blue Succulent Engagement Session

Emerald Green & Navy Blue Succulent Engagement Session

Cecil and Ijay met over 20 years ago, but officially began dating in May 2002. Their families had been long time friends, but it took a summer in Maryland for Ceci and Ijay to realize that they were interested in each other. After 11 years of dating, countless trips to LA and San Francisco, Cecil proposed on August 19th 2013 in Pensacola, FL. On the day of their wedding, they will have been together for over 14 years, which is almost half their lives!! Cecil & Ijay certainly couldn’t have predicted that life would bring them together in the way it did, but they firmly believe that their union is ordained by God, and cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together.

Ijay and I connected after she found me via her search for Wedding Photographers. We talked about her being in medical school and wedding planning. I reminded her that the union is what's important and to also not be so hard on herself with planning as medical school is no joke and the focus is important. I talked about what it was like for me when I attended nursing school. I know medical school is ten times the intensity. She then shared her amazing wedding website with me. I loved it! The gold and black theme was perfect, and they were super organized. If I was getting married I would have Ijay make my site without hesitation.

Ijay and Cecil's Engagement Session hit heavy on the Internet and they also allowed me to be extra creative which I love. Look here!


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