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Crystal Ballroom on the Lake Wedding : Irene & John

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake Wedding : Irene & John Orlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Videographer | Unashamed Imaging

They Met In An Online Writing Group 10 Years Ago — And Now They’re Married! Irene and John met in an online writing group. After several years of helping each other with various projects they began to realize there was more going on than friendship. They took the chance and met four years ago and found that they wanted to be together. John proposed January of 2014 and they were married in a small ceremony in Scotland in March 2016. They also had a larger celebration and ceremony in Florida.

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Photography by @UnashamedImaging "The only thing better than listening to a couple gush about how happy they are with their wedding film is hearing how they discovered their filmmaker in the first place! After this couple was married in a small ceremony in Scotland, they watched a video of their wedding that had been taken on a phone and instantly wished someone had been there to record the whole event! When they later decided to have a larger celebration and ceremony in Florida, they knew they wanted to capture the magic and found the perfect cinematographer for the job – Anesha. As the bride said, “She was also already visualizing and planning as we spoke. As writers, we knew that she was ‘storyboarding’ the way we would. There was no doubt from that meeting that there could be anyone else for us.” Watch Irene and John’s wedding by Unashamed Imaging, then read about how these two wrote the way to each other’s heart."- LoveStoriesTv Their 'Love Story':

So you and John met in a writing group? Tell us more about your love story – online and off!

When I first started speaking to John in 2007 I was at a dark place in my life. As I often have at difficult times in my life I retreated into my writing and was working on a novel. My best friend Jacqueline was my ‘proof reader’ and I had begun spending about two nights a week at her house. During a point in time where I was struggling with a section of my novel, Jacqueline noticed that there was a site where budding writers made a form of ‘graphic story’ using The Sims as the artwork. I decided to try a short story using this as a break from my serious writing. John was one of the writers on the site and was working on very funny, rather naughty superhero saga called ‘The Mod Squad’. One night when I was stuck with how to do something in the game to get the characters in position for a ‘photo shoot’, Jac realised John was online and PM’d him to see if he could help. He passed on the info to solve my problem and he and Jacqueline went on chatting. When I had finished what I was working on, I went to observe their typed chat. Jac and I squeezed into her computer corner and I chimed in on the conversation but still in her account, both of us typing in different colours. We alternated who was speaking for nearly two hours and it was obvious he had NO idea he was talking to two people. We were doubled up with laughter at his confusion as to our changes in tone and conversation content. She was flirting outrageously and I was discussing writing plots and ideas for his story. Finally, we took mercy on him and admitted he was talking to two people. John and I started bouncing ideas for our respective stories off of each other and ended up co-writing parts of each other’s work. We spoke every day on the phone and on Skype and eventually decided that we would meet to see if what we felt was a fantasy like our writing or if there really was something there. Well, as we are now married, I believe you know the answer to that! Our romantic relationship online began towards the end of 2012 and we met for the first time in person in October 2013.- Bride (Irene) on LoveStoriesTV

Unashamed Imaging loves providing dual services to our beautiful couples. Check out their wedding teaser video featured on LoveStoriesTV!

Wedding Day Team:Planner: No. 1 Wedding Planner

Photographer: Unashamed Imaging

Videographer: Unashamed Imaging

PreCeremony Location: Private Residence

Venue: Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Hair: Crystal Bigdeal Dunn | Elite Hair Care

MUA: Erwin Cutts | Erwin Artistry

Bride Jewelry: Swarovski

Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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