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Orlando Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer Unashamed Imaging Guide to Unplugged Weddings

PART ONE: How To Implement an Unplugged Wedding

A lot of couples struggle with how to implement and Unplugged Wedding, but I'm here to tell you that it can be done in the most respectful and simplest way. Unplugged weddings are talked about a lot, and they need to be because a lot of pivotal moments are being ruined by camera phones, iPads and selfie sticks. As a photographer and cinematographer, I know the elements that I'm working in. Tight spaces (sometimes), quick, but important moments, unrepeatable moments, and more. Since I play both sides I also know that some things need to be captured in video a certain way that can't be captured the same way in photo and vise versa. For this reason and the inconvenience of the couple, I often push for Unplugged weddings. Whenever a couple or a Bride approaches me about how to handle this on their wedding day, I'm all for it. I walk them through the process of execution and share the benefits of going unplugged.
Photography by: Unashamed Imaging I've captured a lot of weddings and have seen the benefits of going unplugged and the regret of not going unplugged, but this photo has to be the worst of them all. I can't even imagine how he must feel and knowing that they can't redo this moment just hurts. So, you're here because you want to know how to tell your family and guests that you want them to be in the moment. It's pretty simple and I'm here to walk you through that. Here are a few options that you can use in combination or alone.: I. Make An Announcement: The DJ or the M.O.C. can make an announcement to your friends and family about the wedding being ‘unplugged’. This is best because they have the best announcement voices, and since they are the DJ or M.O.C. everyone will understand that what they are saying is important. II. Make a Sign: In addition to the DJ or M.O.C. making an announcement, having a sign that states “the wedding is unplugged” helps tremendously. Here’s an example of an Unplugged Wedding Sign from one of my #UICouples.
Photography by: Unashamed Imaging Signs like this serve as a friendly reminder. Tip: Buy or make a sign that matches the decor or theme of your wedding so it blends in and isn't an eye-sour. Bold text helps to bring attention to the sign which your guest will read. Place the sign at the entrance of your venue location or at the entrance of the ceremony location.

Quick Recap:

  • Make An Announcement

  • Make a Sign

  • Set The Boundary

PART TWO: Reminders For Couples To Not Feel Bad About Implementing an Unplugged Wedding

I. Hire Professionals: You hired Professionals to capture your special day. Encourage your guest to let them do what they do best and to be in the moment.

II. Who Was There: ‘guest photographers’ get in the way of the photographer (even if not intentionally), they can potentially block the face of a family member or guest in your photos making it impossible for you to identify who was there. It would suck to not have any shots of Grandmother’s face or someone really close that you’ve known for a while because of a smartphone or iPad that’s blocking their face.When other

III. Unexpected Sounds: The worst thing to hear is a ringtone right in the middle of your vows; especially if it’s being filmed. You don’t want that as a memory. Let these three reminders serve as reasons why you're going to be okay with going unplugged. If you'd like more advice check out this video on 'HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN UNPLUGGED WEDDING'! Subscribe to this channel for more tips & advice.


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