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Let me first start off by saying I am not a "Pinterest-Hater". I have a Pinterest account and I use it for inspiration when it comes to certain aspects of my business and outfits. I enjoy looking a look-books for outfits and there are some qualified educators that give some great business advice on this platform. Because of this reason I totally understand why couple's are using Pinterest for their wedding day. If inspiration is your main reason then you're on the right track, but keep keep reading. If your main reason is duplication, stay tuned and really hear what I'm saying.  Let's dissect the name of this platform called Pinterest. If we dropped the "P" in the word Pinterest what word do you see? That's right, "INTEREST".  Interest means "the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone." You were "interested" in what this blog piece was talking about, so you click the link to find your answer. 

Since we're focusing on weddings we are going to stay in the lane of "wanting to know or learn about something".  Keeping this in mind, it's awesome to have a tool and resource that can give you inspiration with planning your special celebration. Now, let's talk about how to use Pinterest for your wedding most effectively. 

1. USE PINTEREST AS INSPIRATION I can't stress this enough. Think of Pinterest like the paint section in Home Depot that has the paint samples for you to take home. You're not gong to paint your walls with every color of the samples you brought home with you. You brought the samples to see what matched your home. They are inspiration for possible colors. Normally homeowners tape the samples to their walls to see how they will look or they might create a wall swatch. This is how you should look at Pinterest. Let the photos and potential videos you find and "pin" be inspiration. 

This is my Unashamed Imaging's Business Pinterest page. I use my Pinterest platform as a resource for couples, creatives and brides. This is the audience that I cater to by showcasing my weddings, engagement sessions, and education. Potential couples and creatives can find me here and gain valuable tips plus inspiration. 


Here's why you should seek to replicate or duplicate a photo you see on Pinterest. What if the location you found in a photo has changed. This can apply to colors and architecture. Let use this pinned photo for example. This is from one of my Engagement Sessions in Orlando, Florida

Let's say there was construction on this building and a couple who wanted to do their Engagement Session here wanted this exact look and exact location, but day-of we couldn't shoot at this location because it was roped off like this:

Photo Credit: Unashamed Imaging

You're probably wondering how I took this photo. Well, this is from a day-of shoot where this location that everyone loves (myself included), happened to be out of use because of some construction that was out of my control. My couples safety is important so things like this matter a lot. I had to make an executive decision for the safety of my clients. The area was roped off and we couldn't enter (day-of). 


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