10 Videos You Can Make For Your Business (With Video Examples)

January 8, 2018

10 Videos You Can Make For Your Business (With Video Examples)

In 2018-2019 video-marketing will take over big time. It's already making it's presence in 2017 and it's not being shy about it either. How are you using video to market and connect with your target audience? Believe it or not you have the tools you need to start making videos - what you may not have are the ideas and that's why I made this list. 

Here are 10 Videos You Can Make and start incorporating into your business:


1. Promotional Videos 


















Duration: 1-3 minute brand-related video

Showcases: A product or brand 

Footage Includes: Footage & photos





2. Online Tutorials


















Duration: Average length 10-15 minutes/Based on your teaching topic

Showcases:  Teaching Topic

Footage Includes: Footage & photos and voiceovers.





3. Brand Experience Video















Duration: Average length 3-5 minutes

Showcases:  Behind the scenes/Brand experience

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, testimonials, photos and music.




4. Event Recap Videos















Duration: Average length 3-7 minutes

Showcases:  Behind the scenes/Event experience

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, testimonials and music.


























5. Commercials (For Brands and Launches)















Duration: Average length 1-3 minutes

Showcases:  Behind The Scenes, Product Launch, Brand-Video

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, and music.






6. Styled Shoots (Great for Photographers & Videographers)















Duration: Average length 1-3 minutes

Showcases:  Products, Brand or Services

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, and music.




7.  Online Series or Facebook Live 





Duration: Based on content

Showcases: Education, Experience, Knowledge, Inspiration.

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, Talking head, and music.






8. Behind The Scenes Videos
















Duration: 3-5 Minutes

Showcases: Brand, Person or Service

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, and music.







9. Product Reviews
















Duration: 5-7 Minutes

Showcases: Brand, Product, Review of product 

Footage Includes: Footage, voiceovers, and music.




10. Reels: Unashamed Imaging




















Duration: 2-3Minutes

Showcases: Projects, Experience, Previous Work

Footage Includes: Footage and music.





So, do you still think it's unrealistic? I shot all of these videos so believe in yourself. Plan and make it happen. 




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