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My Top 5 Pieces of Equipment

My Top 5 Pieces of Equipment

Orlando Wedding Photographer & Orlando Wedding Videographer

When I first started shooting I purchased every piece of equipment that I wanted and booked a shoot to do so. Why, because I wanted to own my equipment. I didn't want anyone to take it away from me. I was fully invested and knew exactly how I would do this to gain momentum with the purchasing of equipment. Fast forward a few years later, I still have some of that same equipment, a few upgrades, but most importantly as I grew I learned what I really needed. So, here are a few of my favorite pieces of equipment. 1. Holdfast Money Maker

If you're local to Orlando, Florida you'll also know that my nickname is Laura Croft. Why? Because of my Holdfast Money Maker straps. I've wanted this piece of equipment for so long and I kept looking online at the colors and sizes. Yes, I'm that type of shopper -lol. Photographer's and cinematographer's ask me about my gear all the time and I always share that my Holdfast Money Maker is the best piece of equipment that I have. It's definitely in my top-five must have pieces of gear to own! These straps changed my entire shooting experience when it comes to photography. They are comfortable. Durable. They don't get in the way and they are stylish with fashion-consciousness. Having two cameras at once is also convenient and it allows me to make the most of my time with my clients; especially weddings. So, thanks Mom. Yes, I'm unashamed to say that it was purchased as a gift for me. I remember the day I opened it. I was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't get over the fact that I finally had my holdfast money-maker.

Holdfast Money Maker

2. My favorite lens: Sigma 70-200 mm 2.8

When I first purchased this lens I said, "What the heck are you doing, Anesha?" It was the biggest lens that I owned at the time and it was also the most expensive. I thought about everything that I could buy with the money I just spent, but this ended up being my favorite lens and still is! It is a great lens for weddings because it allows me to still capture key moments without being in the way. It allows me to zoom in and zoom out. It's fair to say that I use this lens whenever I shoot photography and cinematography because I know the value it holds. Looking cool with it on is a plus too!