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24 Blogging Topics for Wedding Photographers

24 Blogging Topics for Wedding Photographers

24 Blogging Topics for Wedding Photographers

There was a time when I felt like I had nothing to blog about. I felt like no one would read my blog and so I wasn't really motivated to get my blog going. Did I blog? Yes, but I wasn't really into it and I did it - just to do it. It wasn't really serving my couples and Brides the way that it could have if I wholeheartedly put more effort into it. Because of this, I know how some photographer's may feel who actually want to blog, but don't know where to start. After receiving a lot of questions about how to blog as a Wedding Photographer, I started to realize that maybe people needed a little guide to get them going. A little boost never hurt anyone, so that's what I'm about to do. These topics are a great place to start and get your juices flowing, but don't stop there. Let these topics motivate you to think of other topics and think of how you can repurpose these topics. As you encounter different things within business and meet different couples and Brides you will come up with a lot of different topics.

Bride Topics:

  1. Bridal Shoes from (Your Company Name) Brides

  2. Why Capturing Bridal Details Matter

  3. How To Write Your Wedding Timeline

  4. How To PickBridal Gown

  5. How To Pick Veil

  6. How To Pick Credit Your Wedding Day Team After The Wedding (Crediting Vendors)

  7. Working With A Professional Makeup Artist (Picking A Makeup Artist)

  8. How To Pick a Bouquet

  9. How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

Groom Topics:

  1. How To Pick a Tux for Your Wedding Day

  2. Alternative Colors for Wedding Day Tuxedo

  3. How To Pick Your Groomsmen for Your Wedding Day

  4. How To Surprise Your Bride on Your Wedding Day

  5. Why Being Involved In Wedding Planning is Important

Couple Topics:

  1. ​How To Surprise Your Future Spouse on Your Wedding Day

  2. How To Spend Time Together Before The Wedding

  3. How To Plan When My Fiance Is Out of State

  4. What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

  5. Why Engagement Sessions Matter

General Topics:

  1. ​How To Pick Your Wedding Venue

  2. Why A Wedding Planner Is Important

  3. How To Entertain Guest During Cocktail Hour

  4. Should Couple's Attend Wedding Expos

  5. How To Provide Transportation For Your Wedding Party



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