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What Is Getting Ready Wedding Day Coverage

Pre-Ceremony Wedding Day Coverage One of the most frequently asked questions I received from inquiring Brides is "What is Getting Ready Photography? I truly believe that the main reason why it's asked is because it doesn't have it's own category like the "Ceremony" or "Reception" which is common. I'm here to tell you why Pre-Ceremony coverage is valuable on your wedding day.

The main categories of a wedding day are normally Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and Reception. What needs to be added to this list is "Pre-Ceremony". Pre-Ceremony is the time before the Ceremony where the couple gets ready. Since most couples don't know what this part of the day really means, they often sacrifice it thinking that they are "saving money" which in fact what they are doing is shortchanging the capturing of their love-story. You're not capturing your entire wedding day if you're skipping Pre-Ceremony coverage.

When I arrive on location to shoot a wedding the first place I go to is the Bridal suite. Once there I introduce myself and observe what's going on. This is the moment when I get to see all of your bridesmaids that are a part of your special day. The same process goes for the Groom's bridal party, but their getting ready time-frame is normally a lot shorter because they have less to wear. At times, one of the groomsmen or Groom may need a haircut day of, so they normally hire a barber to come and give them a fresh cut.

Once in the bridal suite I immediately look for the Brides accessories. Since I'm in constant communication with my Brides they already know that it's best to keep their accessories together so it's easier for me to not miss any details. Even though shooting the shoes, veil, and dress is my focus, I'm also looking at what's going on in the room. Candid moments. Natural laughter and more. Candid moments make for a really great photo. There's also been occasions where a groomsmen will sneak into the Bridal suite (if he knows the bridesmaids well enough) and tease them about how long ladies take to get ready, lol.

Details matter because they are a part of your story. They shouldn't be sacrificed. When you look back at your images you will be reminded of how beautiful your day was. All of your details are a part of your love story. After all, you took the time to pick your shoes, veil, perfume, bouquet, suit, tux, cufflinks and more - so why sacrifice capturing those details. Your Wedding Party took the time to buy the special dress or rent a tux to be a part of your wedding, showcase why they are close friends or even family by capturing it. Being present during the pre-ceremony portion of the day allows more time for your Wedding Party portraits. When we don't capture these details beforehand we have to capture them during the cocktail hour and then that eats up some of your time with friends and family. Using time efficiently is the way I like to approach weddings and I work with a lot of planners and vendors that feel the same way. ​There might even be a silly moment captured that you more than likely won't remember happened if it wasn't captured in your photos or wedding film.

What Get's Captured During the Pre-Ceremony Time Of Your Wedding Day

The Bride & Bridesmaids in Robes or Rompers (Getting Ready)

The Groom & Groomsmen Getting Ready

Detail Shots (Bridal Gown, Suit/Tux, Shoes, Veil, Ring Shots & more)

Putting On The Dress

Make-Up | Portraits of The Bride (Close-Ups)

Bridal Hair (Before Putting on the Bridal Gown)

Skipping Pre-Ceremony coverage sacrifices all of these beautiful details and moments not worth sacrificing. Use this as a guide when booking your Wedding Photographer or Cinematographer so you don't miss these precious moments. Work your wedding timeline to reflect this time and then enjoy your beautiful day because it's so worth it.

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