Seven 2018 Wedding Trends To Know

2018 Wedding Trends To Know

Planning a wedding for 2018-2019? I'm here to share some of the wedding trends that you want to know. Use this list for inspiration and as a guide so you can bring a new touch to your beautiful celebration.

1. Florals: Brides are not only focusing on the colors and arrangement of their florals and bouquet, but they are also looking at the vases and pieces that are holding their centerpieces and florals throughout the venue location. A lot of Brides are leaning towards rustic and vintage pieces. Bold colors mixed with a little pastel is the way to go. See #5 on this list.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

2. Transparent Elements: Clear glass and tenting makes your location look larger and it also brings in a lot of natural light; great for photography. Glass seating plans and tables beautifully outlined with glass vases are also in.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

3. Invitations:

Creativity and originality are popular with invitations. Watercolors and wood-like material invitations are definitely in. If you're into DIY Projects TheSorryGirls have a wonderful video-tutorial for creating beautiful watercolor invitations. I might try this myself for some personal projects.

If you're in Orlando, Florida I recommend Christine Kirby. She is an amazing Caligraphy artist. Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

4. Bridal Accessory Must-Have:

This classic accessory has really never gone out of style. That's right, pearls are back! You can even incorporate your mother's or grandmother's pearls which will make wearing pearls on your special day even more special. If you don't want to wear a pearl necklace or earrings you can incorporate it in your dress details. Look for dresses that have bold beading or hairpins.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

5. Non-Traditional Floral Ideas:

Wedding wreath-like bouquets are totally in and can really add a nice touch to your wedding celebration. You can also incorporate a wreath as a signature piece for the arch setup in your ceremony space. Ask your Coordinator and Florist how to incorporate this so it compliments the rest of your setup.

A florist that makes amazing wreath arrangements is Sarah Leung of

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

6. Wedding Dress Details:

Here's a list of wedding dress details that are in for 2018. Bold beading


Mikado Silk

Baby-blush color

3D Textures Extreme Veils

Open-Back Dresses Capes and Capelets Hints of black Here's a List of Bridal Gown salons I recommend for your 2018-2019 Wedding Dress: Casa de Bella Bridal Casa Blanca Bridal Calvet Couture Bridal Bridal Finery David's Bridal

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

7. Table & Room Decor:

Marble and copper are popular decor choices for wedding decor. You can mix this with the perspex or glass accents. Green hedge walls are also in! Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals is your go to for this!

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

// BONUS // Cake Decor & Ideas:

Marble, copper, and incorporation of geometrics will be seen on a lot of wedding cakes. Talk with your cake designer about how to make this fit your cake perfectly. An experienced cake designer will know how to do this. I recommend Patty of Cake Designer & Anna of Anna Cakes for your cake designer. Doughnut Walls are also in. You can have a custom palette wall built or simple use a cake plate to place doughnuts on.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

All of these trends are pretty cool and they are also easy to incorporate. Take advantage of the Pinterest board that I created for "2018 Wedding Trends To Know".


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