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Seven 2018 Wedding Trends To Know

2018 Wedding Trends To Know

Planning a wedding for 2018-2019? I'm here to share some of the wedding trends that you want to know. Use this list for inspiration and as a guide so you can bring a new touch to your beautiful celebration.

1. Florals: Brides are not only focusing on the colors and arrangement of their florals and bouquet, but they are also looking at the vases and pieces that are holding their centerpieces and florals throughout the venue location. A lot of Brides are leaning towards rustic and vintage pieces. Bold colors mixed with a little pastel is the way to go. See #5 on this list.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

2. Transparent Elements: Clear glass and tenting makes your location look larger and it also brings in a lot of natural light; great for photography. Glass seating plans and tables beautifully outlined with glass vases are also in.

Need some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board.

3. Invitations:

Creativity and originality are popular with invitations. Watercolors and wood-like material invitations are definitely in. If you're into DIY Projects