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11 Flowergirl Gift Ideas

11 Flowergirl Gift Ideas Orlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Cinematographer | Unashamed Imaging Photography & Cinematography

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Getting a gift for the flowergirl is a great way to bond and to remind her that she is a special part of your day. She's more than just a petal-thrower. She is a part of the Bridal Party and therefore should feel welcomed and happy. It's common to focus on the adults of the bridal party, but sometimes the little ones get forgotten. Here are some cute and practical ideas for flowergirl gifts:

1. More Than One Flowergirl Gift Idea: -Costume Pearls to wear the day of - Matching headband -Tote bag that has their name on it and says flower girl (on the backside)

2. Gift For a Flowergirl Age 3 -Fower girl backpack

-Coloring book

-Sticker book,

-Story book *You can purchase these items on Amazon.

3. Petal Patrol T-Shirts

Tiny Green Apples on Etsy sells these cute T-Shirts.

4. Flowergirl Bracelets

Etsy is a great place to start to find this item.