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8 Ways to Easily Push Video Content

8 Ways to Easily Push Video Content

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Pushing quality video-visual content and blogging content (both video and written), is possible for anyone to do with the right direction. However, doing all of this requires a lot of focus and organization. The 'Content Creation Tracker & Strategy Creator helps small business owners, photographers, and cinematographers plan and execute. Benefits of the 'Content Creation Tracker & Strategy Creator:​​

  • Saves Time

  • Increased Momentum

  • Organizes Video Content Ideas

  • Helps to Implement Commitment and Consistency with Video-Content creation

  • More Time To Invest In Other Areas of Your Brand/Business

  • Boosts Conversion Rate/SalesIncreased SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Increased Visibility

  • Enhanced Blogging Content

  • Authentic Emotional Brand-Connection and more.

A lot of Creatives and Entrepreneurs have this overwhelming feeling with video-marketing and because of this they often opt-out instead of opting-in ((when it comes to video-marketing) ,and while most of their pain points are valid, they are also fixable. Most just don't have access to the how-to when it comes to content creation, and that's why I'm here to help.

1.Work Backwards: You're probably wondering why I'm giving you '8 Ways to Easily Promote Video Content' when you probably don't have any content, so here's why. First, I know the 'Content Creation Tracker & Strategy Creator' will help you, and because of this, I know you will need the next step in the process which is getting your content seen. So, with that being said, here are 8 Ways to Easily Promote Video Content:

Working backwards helps you to keep the main goal in priority. When creating video content for your business, it's not about you as much as it is about the audience you're trying to connect with. Because of this, your content needs to be focused on them. Find the best way to communicate to your audience using video and then push that content organically on Facebook or through Facebook Ads for a targeted reach.

2. Send To Your Email Lists: Putting video content in your email actually shows that you care about your readers time - and who doesn't like saving time. When a video is placed in an email, the recipient has two options. One, to watch the video or two, listen to it. Either way they are consuming your content so make sure it's valuable.​ 3. Share on Social Media: Let's Talk Instagram IG Stories - Instagram stories is a great way to connect with your target audience. Make sure your videos are cut to the allotted length or else some of your content can/will be cut off. Don't loose your audience by going all over the place. Stick to a storyline and if there is a C.T.A. be sure to include that in the end by adding a hyperlink (if you have 10k + followers) OR a shortened link in the video content using a resource like Link in BIO - While I'm not opposed to using links in my bio, it can turn people away. Be sure to make the link easy to find and using wording that let's them know which button to select on the landing page once they select the link associated with your C.T.A. 4. Share on Pinterest &Twitter Pinterest and Twitter are still alive. They are actually great search engine resources, so don't count them out. Use shorter video, and more eye-catching graphics to grab the attention of you