Fangirl Moment: Leann Rimes

Fangirl Moment With Leann Rimes

Fangirl Moment With Leann Rimes

It started off with a few lyrics and an Instagram post. That's right. I wanted to share a picture of one of my #UIBRIDE's during an amazing candid moment with her bridesmaid, and I wanted a song that would reflect friendship. I looked up some songs, and came across one of my childhood artist likings Leann Rimes. She has a song about friends and it was truly the perfect fit. I simply posted some of the lyrics to the song, tagged her name, and that was it. I honestly had no thoughts at all leaning towards her responding to the post. I know celebrities receive tags all of the time, so I never post thinking I'm going to get their attention. ​​ I put my phone down and headed to the shower to get ready to officially start my day and about 5 minutes after that my phone buzzed. I thought it was just an alert for my email or something, but it wasn't. I looked at the notifications and it was Leann Rimes comment on my post.

🎶A good friend and a glass of wine Someone to say it's gonna be alright A good friend and a glass of wine A little pick me up to get me through the night We talk trash n' we laugh and cry That kind of therapy money can't buy Every now and then, every now and then Every girl needs a good friend and a glass of wine.🎶 - @leannrimes

My favorite song by Leann Rimes will always be "How Do I Live"!

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