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FREE Marketing Series: Day One // Visibility

FREE Marketing Series: Day One // Visibility (Now Get Published)

FREE Marketing Series:  Day One // Visibility

When photographers and cinematographers get into business they don't really place marketing as an essential part. Why - because it's more than likely that they got into business for creativity and freedom. What most people don't realize is that no matter what type of business you run marketing is needed. If you're a supermarket, maybe you sell dog food, maybe you do hair...whatever the case may be - you need to market because that's how people find out what you do and how you can serve them. I started this FREE Marketing Series to encourage photographers and cinematographers to help them get motivated and to provide some direction. I learned some of these things through trial and error, by taking webinars, and by also connecting with business owners and leaders outside of my niche. Yup, that's right. I learn a lot about business from people who aren't in the photography or cinematography business.

Marketing your small business with no target audience is just a waste of time! Yes, I said it. When I market I know what my clients want, so that's what I put out. I don't just attract who I attract because my photography and cinematography is beautiful. I attract who I attract for the overall client experience that I offer, and yes, that even includes how I market. So, let's get started with this Series. The first piece of free marketing that I have for you is Getting Published. Sharing Is Caring (Now Get Published)

Getting published is not as hard as you may think it is. In fact, if you just step in confidence and reach out to some of the publications you'd like to be featured on, work with it, or get published on, you'd REALLY be surprised. A lot of times the main reason why people don't submit to publications is....are you ready for it....


Anesha, really! How could you say that to me? Well, it's very true. Rejection is the main reason why people don't submit to publications. But here's the truth. Does rejection happen? Yes. Can you avoid it, not really. You're reach out to someone else trying to place content on their platform. They have everyone right to say yes or no. When you look at it that way you wont' take it so personal and you'll move on to the next thing. BUT Anesha, Photographer "X" Always Gets Published Good for them, but let me let you in on a little secret. Even if someone seems to get published A LOT it does not mean that they ALWAYS receive a "YES". What they don't show you are the "NO's" that are included with those yes's (I think I made that word up -lol). Because of this, from the outside looking in, it seems like they are always getting published.

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