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25 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me

25 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me Orlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Videographer

Orlando Wedding Photographer

Outside of being a Wedding and Events photographer there are some other interesting things about me.

  1. I LOVE Chic-Fil-A grilled chicken sandwiches.

  2. I love GRAPHBLACK MAC Eyeliner

  3. I love Maybeline Macara *Eyeliner and mascara is the only makeup I wear.

  4. Carmex lip conditioner. *NO dry lips here.

  5. I wear contacts which means I wear glasses. I can I'm a little bit of a female Clark Kent.

  6. I want to go to China & Africa.

  7. I would love to shoot a wedding in Paris, Ireland, and China.

  8. I’m mixed with Asian, European, and Indian.

  9. I don't like eat the first and last piece of bread in a loaf of bread.

  10. I shot a promotional video for Gary Vaynerchuk

  11. I used my Mother's old camera as my first camera.

  12. I have a scar on the bottom on my chin from falling down the stairs after tripping over a jump rope and hitting my Father's weights -LOL.

  13. I ALMOST played on my high school football team.

  14. I have photographed some pretty cool celebrities: Usher, Janelle Monae, Charlie Wilson, Nina Sky, Lecrae, David and Tamela Mann.

  15. I am the baby of my family; meaning the youngest.

  16. My mother and I often get mistaken for twins.

  17. I’m a Daddy's girl.

  18. My favorite colors are: Black, Plum, and Blue.

  19. I can bend all of my fingers across each knuckle.

  20. I started my business in my early twenties.

  21. I love to sing!

  22. I like to cook when I have time. One of my favorite dishes to make are Stuffed Shells,

  23. I've sat in a cockpit before while a plane was in flight. I was 5 years old.

  24. I love football! Professional football.

  25. I don't like brussel sprouts or onions.

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