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5 Things To Do After You've Been Proposed To (And Said Yes)

5 Things To Do After You've Been Proposed To (And Said Yes)

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So, you've been proposed to, you're wearing your gorgeous ring, and you're in pure jubilee! First, let me congratulate you as this is such a sweet and special time in your life. You have every right to feel like you are on cloud nine - because you are. But now what? Here are '5 Things To Do After You've Been Proposed To (And Said Yes)' 1. Tell Your Parents

Call, text, or better yet, send a video to your parents. They will love it and they can't wait to hear about how it all went down. 2. Get a Manicure & Post a Selfie Of course, if you're not into selfies then just post a photo of your hands wearing that gorgeous rock! Here areIt may seem too soon, but it's not. 3. Get Insurance & Get It Sized I know someone that recently got engaged, posted a photo of their E-Session online, and then three days later their ring broke. Does this mean the ring wasn't expensive? Absolutely not. You're not used to have that bling on your finger and anything is possible now when it comes to unintentionally chipping the diamond or grabbing something the wrong way. Get it insured and inspected (if needed). Getting your ring sized will help to also ensure that you don't loose it or damage it. 4. Live in The Moment That's right, there is no rule to start wedding planning right away just because you're engaged. Enjoy it! When the time is right the both of you will start wedding planning. Right now just enjoy the moment; especially if it's the holidays. And for all the Type A personalities out there (like myself), put your wedding planning list down, and pick it up later. 5. Get To Planning (When You're Ready) You're probably wondering why I made this number 5. Yes, planning is important, but don't let it rob the actual bliss of being engaged. Once you start planning, use a Wedding Planning Checklist to guide you along the way.


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