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Brand Session: Lineage Coffee Shop

Lineage Coffee Shop The Lineage Coffee Shop located in Orlando, Florida has to be one of my favorite brand session locations. It not also smells amazing (coffee flavour), but it's a great location for anyone that is looking for a brand session for their business. I recently shot a Brand Session for Rachel Mincey, a blogger that helps a lot of young females with their walk with God. She wanted to update her portfolio to reflect the vision that she had for her business next year. When her husband (yes, he set this up) reached out to me, I told him that I knew the perfect place for her session. Fast forward to the day of the shoot, I simply asked Lineage Coffee if it was okay to capture some images of the coffee shop that I could share with them. They were more than elated to have me capture some candid imagery of their coffee shop, while I shot Rachel's session as well. It was totally worth it, and I was able to make a connection with a brand that really cares about their customer's experience.


Unashamed Imaging photography and videography
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