How To Stop Freaking Out About Blogging

How To Stop Freaking Out About Blogging

WHY ARE YOU FREAKING OUT ABOUT BLOGGING? Without a long and drawn out explanation, here’s why: YOU’RE NOT working backwards! Yup, that’s it! And it’s the same for video-marketing and content creation but let’s stay on blogging for now. You’re not blogging because you’re thinking about a monthly commitment instead of your end goal. Let’s use this scenario: Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer that wants to start blogging. Your goal is to blog for a year consistently while reaching couples during their per-wedding journey. Great! That’s your goal. On top of that, you know that there are 3 billion wedding pins on Pinterest alone. So, what if your blog post linked to those weddings and got you booked? Now, let’s break that down even further. You have 12 months to blog. Guess what? At the very least you can put out (1) blog post a month and BE DONE. Shocker right? Well it’s true. If you posted (1) blog a month you’d meet your goal and still have time to invest in other areas of your business. OF COURSE, more is better for connecting and SEO, but let’s just start with 12! Hearing this is an eye-opener and should really make you think more about how you’re approaching blogging while being more patient with yourself. So, which one best describes you: 1. I want to blog, but need more hand-holding (*If this is you, click the link above to KICKSTART YOUR BLOG MINI-COURSE) 2. I want to blog, but suck at Content Ideas (*If this is you, this webinar series is a great place to start) 3. I want to use Video in my blog structure while being more consistent (*Check out the 1:1 Coaching Session for Content Creation in the LEARNWITHAC Shop or the Content Creation + Editing Plans (12 Months covers you for the year)



Anesha Collins is well recognized photographer and cinematographer currently based in Orlando Florida.
 She’s also available for international travel and 

destination weddings as well.

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