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How To Create Relevant Hashtags for Video

How To Create Relevant Hashtags for Video

Think that hashtags don't matter? Well, think again. They can connect you to your target audience and even connect you to bigger brands that would love to collaborate with you. Let's not also forget that they help with conversion. IN THIS VIDEO, YOU'LL LEARN: - Using #Hashtags on #IGTV - Use relevant hashtags that your audience will search for - What You Should Be Doing With Your Hashtags


Video Transcript: 00:00.080 00:03.180 Do you struggle with what hashtags to use weather with YouTube? 0:03.980 00:09.080 Facebook or even IGTV probably haven't thought about that one that you should be using on there, too. 00:10.620 00:15.220 Talk to you about how do you relevant hashtags that connect with your audience? 00:22.220 00:29.043 First you want to think about your audience. Think about what your audience is searching for if you are on YouTube then 00:29.101 00:30.420 think about hashtags at 00:30.620 00:37.585 Will be relevant or would come up on YouTube. If you're on Instagram, of course, you want to stay within the 30 hashtags 00:37.642 00:44.320 but once again choose hashtags that your target audience would be looking for your talking about a specific subject 00:45.020 00:49.720 Can you use hashtags are relevant to that specific subject or that lead back yet? 00:50.100 00:53.200 Once you start using hashtags that don't connect. 00:53.620 00:55.620 That's what you going to do. Disconnect. 00:55.780 01:00.780 This one is a no-brainer, but I know a lot of people don't like doing this because I think of the time Factor. 01:01.020 01:05.220 But you need to test and see you never know what hashtag actually. 1:05.600 01:12.768 Work until you start using them and then always make sure that you are rotating your hashtags. Cuz even on Instagram if 01:12.828 01:20.057 you keep using the same hashtags over and over and over again after a while it does mess with the algorithm and how your 01:20.118 01:20.600 content. 01:21.140 01:30.922 Next I would use hashtags that are within that 50000 to 90,000 range, especially on Instagram. You're using hashtags that 01:31.003 01:32.540 have a lot of post. 01:32.820 01:38.967 Associated with that it's going to be harder for your content to be seen so you're better off using hashtags that have 01:39.019 01:45.218 less post associated with them for your content to be seen and then of course like I kept saying rotate. So I hope this 01:45.270 01:50.220 video helped you to choose better and relevant hashtags when it comes to both of your contacts. 01:50.400 01:50.900 next time 01:51.700 01:57.706 I need to call in the vanishing Imaging also the founder of modern with AC where I teach small business owners and 01:57.759 02:01.500 creative entrepreneurs how to use video marketing and content creation. RESOURCES: ▸ Download Guide: Live-Streaming Gear ▸ Join LEARNWITHAC FB Group ▸ Access LEARNWITHAC Freebies


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